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TODAY: ONLINE CHAT: Ohio Child, Mother, and Attorney Discuss Need for DAPA and DACA+, Following U.S. Supreme Court Hearing

Columbus, OH –  In 2014, Esmeralda Cornejo of Columbus, OH finally won a stay of deportation after a grueling public advocacy campaign.  She found the strength to fight in her children, all U.S. citizens.

TODAY, April 18, 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court will hold a hearing on DAPA and DACA expansion–two policies created after families like Esmeralda’s shone a light on the Obama Administration’s out-of-control enforcement.

This afternoon, at 5pm eastern, Esmeralda Cornejo and her daughter, Jocelyn Robles, will join Columbus immigration attorney Julie Nemecek in a Google Hangout on Air moderated by Lynn Tramonte of Ohio’s Voice.  

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How does something so seemingly remote as a “Supreme Court case” impact a young girl like Jocelyn?  

How did Esmeralda’s deportation battle shape this American family?

What are they looking forward to, when the Supreme Court decision is finally announced?

Explore these and other questions in the Google Hangout on Air today at 5pm Eastern.