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Joey Kennedy: Sen. Sessions Is Great At Doing Nothing (And That Applies To Immigration Reform)

Yesterday, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Joey Kennedy took a whack at Senator Jeff Sessions for trying to stall immigration reform in their home state* newspaper, with a column entitled “Do Nothing? Now that’s something Sen. Jeff Sessions can do.” As Kennedy writes: I guess it makes sense that U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama would join … Continue reading »

Alabama Church Honors Joey Kennedy With Incarnation Award for Stance Against Anti-Immigrant Law HB 56

The Beloved Community Church in Avondale, Alabama has given Pulitzer Prize-winning Birmingham News columnist Joey Kennedy (who is often covered on this blog) its annual Incarnation Award, for his stance against Alabama’s anti-immigrant law HB 56. As the church said in its statement announcing the award: This year we are honoring Joey Kennedy with this … Continue reading »

Joey Kennedy: Detaining Immigrants in Jail is Wrong Method, Wrong Message

Two weeks ago, Detention Watch Network launched their new “Expose and Close” campaign, identifying ten of the worst immigrant detention centers in the nation and calling for them to be closed.  Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Joey Kennedy at the Birmingham News visited one of these detention centers in Gadsden, Alabama, and wrote a column today … Continue reading »

Joey Kennedy: On Alabama's Lousy Anti-Immigrant Law, the State Still Isn't Ready to Yell Uncle

More than a year after Alabama began implementing state anti-immigrant law HB 56—which was supposed to be a jobs bill–Alabama now has the worst economy in the American Southeast.  The state has endured a year of civil rights groups and supporters comparing the state’s present to its famously ugly racial past, and federal courts no … Continue reading »

Joey Kennedy: Anti-Immigrant Extremists Can't Defend HB 56, Stay Away from Alabama Immigration Town Hall

Last night in Alabama, undocumented former Washington Post reporter Jose Antonio Vargas spoke at an Immigration Town Hall entitled “Do I Look ‘Illegal’?” and discussed Alabama’s HB 56 anti-immigrant state law as well as anti-immigrant sentiments like it around the nation.  One of HB 56’s sponsors, state Sen. Scott Beason (R), was invited to attend … Continue reading »

JOEY KENNEDY: Alabama’s terrible immigration law can be big trouble for Republicans nationally

This group’s consensus is that, mainly because of Alabama’s harsh immigration law and Republican presidential candidates’ embrace of it and similar laws, the Republicans are in real trouble come election time. Republicans can’t win without a good chunk of the Latino/Hispanic vote, and that’s just the way it is.