Immigration polling from America's Voice.
Polls show Democrats and Republicans in a dead heat on immigration Washington, DC – The headlines have been relentless. Biden’s border policies are unpopular, Republicans call it a crisis, moderate Democrats are panicking and many in the punditry predict that the lifting of Title 42 will lead to a... Continue »
Washington, DC –  Last week, we highlighted past campaign examples of Democrats who effectively positioned themselves politically on immigration (as well as examples of Democrats who mishandled the issue by attempting to ignore immigration or only adopt Republican-lite positions). Our guidance is that Democrats must address immigration and border... Continue »
English New York Times Democrats’ Mystery: How to Brighten a Presidency and a National Mood By Katie Glueck May 02, 2022 NPR Republicans have the advantage with voters in 2022 elections, poll finds By Domenico Montanaro April 29, 2022 Politico Trumpworld braces for ‘a couple of ugly nights’ in... Continue »