Immigration polling from America's Voice.
Washington, DC – Una nueva encuesta de CBS/YoungGov subraya que los estadounidenses quieren abrumadoramente que sus líderes electos denuncien el nacionalismo blanco. Los republicanos encuestados están divididos en partes iguales, con una estrecha mayoría que quiere que sus líderes denuncien, en efecto, el nacionalismo blanco. En contraste, funcionarios electos... Continuar »
Washington, DC – New CBS News/YouGov polling highlights that Americans overwhelmingly want their elected leaders to denounce white nationalism. Republican respondents are evenly split, with a narrow majority wanting their leaders to denounce white nationalism. By contrast, Republican Party elected officials refuse to hold accountable their colleagues responsible for... Continuar »
Tras el fallo de un juez federal que impide al gobierno de Joe Biden dejar de implementar el Título 42, y que la Casa Blanca asegura que apelará, un común denominador recorre los reportes de prensa en estos días: con la medida o sin ella, los migrantes seguirán llegando... Continuar »
America’s Voice   Do All Texas Republicans Agree with Colleagues Who Continue Using Racist “Invasion” and “Replacement” Rhetoric? Bipartisan Letter from 84 Members of Congress Calls on Biden Administration to Designate TPS for Central American Countries Nueva encuesta: Una gran mayoría de estadounidenses quiere que sus líderes electos denuncien... Continuar »
Washington, DC – Commentators continue to highlight the role and complicity of Republicans and right wing media in advancing white nationalist conspiracies and mainstreaming the same “replacement” and “invasion” rhetoric cited by the Buffalo shooter.  Yet, as it becomes clear that Republicans responsible for mainstreaming white nationalism refuse to... Continuar »
America’s Voice   Accountability Focus Shifts to Corporate Donors for Republicans Who Mainstream White Nationalism English New York Times Judge Orders Government to Continue Migrant Expulsions on Border By Miriam Jordan and J. David Goodman May 20, 2022 Washington Post Federal judge blocks Biden administration from ending Title 42... Continuar »
Washington, DC – Today, Louisiana federal judge Robert Summerhays granted the preliminary injunction blocking the Biden Administration from lifting Title 42. The following is a statement from David Leopold, Legal Advisor to America’s Voice, past president, American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) & Immigration Group Leader, Ulmer & Berne LLP:... Continuar »
Washington, DC – Last weekend, a white supremacist gunman killed 10 people in Buffalo. His online manifesto included full-throated recitations of the white nationalist “white replacement” and “invasion” conspiracy theories that right wing media and Republicans have helped mainstream. Buffalo joins the litany of attacks committed by white nationalists... Continuar »
America’s Voice   David Leopold Reacts to Title 42 Ruling The Silence is Deafening and Deadly: Time to Hold Republicans Accountable for White Nationalist Hate English Associated Press Conference of U.S. conservatives opens in Orban’s Hungary By Justin Spike and Jill Colvin May 19, 2022 Politico Why we won’t... Continuar »
Washington, DC – Commentators and observers are highlighting the role and complicity of Republicans and right wing media in advancing white nationalist conspiracies and mainstreaming the same “replacement” and “invasion” rhetoric cited by the Buffalo shooter – as well as earlier perpetrators of white supremacist violence. Far from being... Continuar »