America’s Voice   ICYMI: As Climate Disasters Increase Instability, Urgency for TPS Designation in Guatemala Intensifies Senator Durbin: “11 million undocumented people live in this country and contribute to our economy. They deserve to live and work here without fear.” English Associated Press Many progressive Democrats are grudgingly lining... Continue »
While we await news on the migration issue in the Senate, and while President Joe Biden’s agenda, on various matters, continues to be stalled over internal differences among the Democrats, Donald Trump and his Republican Party are intent on one thing: taking control from the Democrats—of Congress in 2022... Continue »
There’s no doubt that the migration debate and, of course, the economic issue and the ups and downs of the infrastructure package have captured everyone’s attention these past weeks, just like the COVID-19 pandemic.  But there is another nagging issue that seems to be going unnoticed, even though it... Continue »
What a difference a decade makes. In 2011, the GOP-controlled Georgia Legislature passed HB 87, a viciously anti-immigrant bill, modeled after Arizona’s notorious SB 1070. The legislation was signed into law by then-Governor Nathan Deal on May 13, 2011. The new law made it a crime to knowingly harbor... Continue »
Democrats have to keep their promises Washington, DC – Immigration reform is back in the news. The demand for legislative action this year continues to grow. It’s up to Democrats to use their majority to deliver for people who are Americans in all but paperwork. The Washington Post has... Continue »
No cabe duda de que el debate migratorio y, por supuesto, el tema económico y su estire y afloje por el paquete de infraestructura han arrebatado la atención de todos en estas últimas semanas, tanto como la pandemia de COVID-19. Pero hay un tema que nos pica los ojos... Continue »
America’s Voice   In the face of the poison of Trumpism, we have to close ranks to save democracy Immigration reform is well worth 11 million jobs Georgia: The Arc From Anti-Immigrant Laws to Needing Immigrants It’s Been 35 Years Since Congress Enacted Legislation to Legalize Undocumented Immigrants 11... Continue »
Mientras se aguardan noticias en el frente migratorio en el Senado y mientras la agenda del presidente Joe Biden en varios rubros sigue estancada por diferencias internas entre los demócratas, Donald Trump y su Partido Republicano solamente están enfrascados en arrebatarle a los demócratas el control del Congreso en... Continue »
GOP leaders have yet to stand up to Trump and his incendiary xenophobia Washington, DC – The vile “Great Replacement” theory – the racist and noxious notion that Democrats and Jews are trying to “replace” white people with Black and Brown immigrants – is in the news this week. ... Continue »
America’s Voice   The Deadly Consequences of Normalizing the Racist “Replacement” Theory English The New York Times Biden the Dealmaker Finds That Compromise Can Have Consequences By Michael D. Shear October 23, 2021 The Washington Post For California’s first Latino senator, citizenship for undocumented immigrants is personal and he’s... Continue »