Immigration polling from America's Voice.
Washington, DC – Below, find four key points on immigration polling and public opinion relevant to the current moment: 70-plus percent of Americans support citizenship for Dreamers, TPS holders, farm workers, and essential workers – including majority of Republicans The American public rejects Republicans’ “border first” excuses for inaction... Continue »
America’s Voice   State Newspapers Blast DeSantis and Abbott for Scapegoating Immigrants Instead of Protecting Children “Citizenship for America’s Workforce is an Investment in the American Economy” Immigration Polling Roundup: Path to Citizenship Proposals Enjoy Broad Bipartisan Support English Daily Kos A hungry migrant family tried to get something... Continue »
Washington, DC – The new Republican variant of COVID-19 is a toxic mix of racism, xenophobia and the scapegoating of immigrants. And it is spreading rapidly among the GOP.  Starting in Texas, where it was incubated by Governor Greg Abbott, the variant has mutated into a new strain, the... Continue »
America’s Voice   Beware the “Desantis Variant” Dangerous COVID Scapegoating Strain Circulating Among GOP English The Miami Herald (Opinion) Incredibly, DeSantis blames Florida COVID surge on Biden, immigrants. Scapegoat much? By Fabiola Santiago August 06, 2021 The Washington Post Why we can be confident that the surge in coronavirus... Continue »
Republican Governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida are failing to protect their citizens from COVID while hyping the dangerous nativist trope of immigrants as public health threats. Meanwhile, COVID cases surge in their states. In Florida, Gov. DeSantis is presiding over record-high hospitalizations but he... Continue »
America’s Voice   Governors Abbott and DeSantis Fail to Contain COVID and Scapegoat Immigrants to Distract from their Failure English Politico Biden’s vision for the border has gone bust. But what’s Plan B? By Sabrina Rodriguez and Anita Kumar August 05, 2021 Daily Kos ‘Irreparable injury to the United... Continue »
Enacting a path to citizenship for immigrants will be a powerful rebuke to right-wing xenophobia   Republicans and right-wing media are increasingly promoting dangerous xenophobic tropes that put a target on the backs of immigrants. GOP leaders are deploying the incendiary term “invasion,” pushing the racist “replacement theory,” and... Continue »
Vote recommendations From America’s Voice    Today, the Senate considers amendments to the bipartisan infrastructure package. Reportedly, at least two Republican amendments will attempt to add additional immigration-related measures to the legislation. One, offered by Sen. James Lankford (R-OK), would require contractors to use the flawed E-Verify employment verification... Continue »
International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) report underscores urgency for designating TPS for Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador Rebecca Morin in USA Today is lifting up a new report from the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) outlining the actions the Biden Administration can take now to address climate change-driven... Continue »
America’s Voice   GOP Goes for Broke in Effort to Stoke Fears Over Immigrants Senators Should Reject GOP Immigration Amendments to Bipartisan Infrastructure Legislation ICYMI: New Report Highlights How Climate Change Will Drive Displacement and Increase Urgency for TPS in Northern Triangle English Fox 7 Austin FOX 7 Discussion:... Continue »