A recording of the call can be found here Washington, DC – Following up a week of developments, immigration experts hosted a press call and discussed legislative developments in DC and grassroots momentum across the country. The call followed up the #WeCantWait day of action rally and march in... Continue »
America’s Voice   Immigration Experts Discuss Legislative Developments in DC and Grassroots Momentum Across the Country English Politico Harris looks to shift the narrative at the southern border By Eugene Daniels, Anita Kumar, and Melanie Zanona June 25, 2021 McClatchy In the face of Republican criticism, Vice President Kamala... Continue »
Democrats gear up to deliver a legislative breakthrough on citizenship Washington, DC – We’ve been calling for Democrats to use every ounce of their majority to deliver a long-overdue breakthrough on citizenship bills by using a 51-vote vehicle. It now appears that it’s game on. Pelosi: “There Ain’t No... Continue »
If Donald Trump’s Republican Party is engaged in a full-frontal assault on democracy, against minorities’ right to vote, and against the protection of this right for their own citizens, can anyone expect, then, that they would want to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants, especially if said legalization confers the... Continue »
America’s Voice   “It’s Game On” Assault on democracy in the Senate English Reuters U.S. senators reach deal on infrastructure framework, will brief Biden By Richard Cowan and David Morgan June 24, 2021 The Washington Post Bipartisan group of senators to brief Biden on infrastructure ‘framework’ after potential breakthrough... Continue »
Democrats are coalescing around the idea of using their majority and a 51-vote legislative vehicle to deliver citizenship for millions this year.  Expanding on the details first noted in a Roll Call story from earlier in the week, the Los Angeles Times was out yesterday with a piece titled,... Continue »
Si el Partido Republicano de Donald Trump se enfrasca en un asalto frontal contra la democracia, contra el derecho de las minorías al voto, contra la protección de ese derecho para sus propios ciudadanos, ¿se puede esperar entonces que quiera legalizar a millones de indocumentados, sobre todo si esa... Continue »
“It is so important that we get it right because asylum can be a matter of life and death”   Yesterday, the Biden administration announced another step to undo the cruelty of the Trump administration.  Stephen Miller and his lackeys devised the Migrant Protection Protocols to gut the asylum... Continue »
America’s Voice   Democrats Prepare to Use Their Majority to Deliver on Citizenship for Immigrants Asalto contra la democracia en el Senado Biden Administration Takes Significant Step to Address Trump Cruelty on Asylum and “Remain In Mexico” English Newsweek Greg Abbott’s Border Wall Pushes Democrats and Activists to Stop... Continue »
Will Congress enact legislation this year that will put millions of undocumented immigrants on pathways to citizenship? We believe they will. But only if Democrats use their power, blow past the bad faith of Republican posers, and include legalization measures on the next vehicle to go through on reconciliation. ... Continue »