America’s Voice   Experts Challenge the MSM’s “Biden Border Crisis” Narrative English Associated Press Photos of migrant detention highlight Biden’s border secrecy By Nomaan Merchant, Jonathan Lemire and Josh Boak  March 23, 2021 Washington Post Mysterious new system at border keeps migrants guessing By Adriana Gomez Licon March 22,... Continue »
Hablemos claro. Se le llame o no crisis, la situación en la frontera, con miles de menores arribando solos todos los días, ha ocurrido y seguirá ocurriendo, esté o no Joe Biden en la Casa Blanca, o esté otro republicano más recalcitrante que Donald Trump. Con demócratas o republicanos... Continue »
Cut through the noise. Break through the fog of GOP talking points. Disregard the Sunday show hype. The choice before America’s policy makers is this: Should America welcome kids fleeing violence, or send them back to the violence they fled? Former Trump administration officials and GOP policymakers argue that... Continue »
In a bizarre tweet early Monday morning, John Cornyn stated that President Biden has “emphasized the humane treatment of immigrants, regardless of their legal status” in reference to those seeking asylum at our border. Although the sentiments are far from shocking considering Cornyn’s voting record on immigration, most members... Continue »
America’s Voice   The Stark Policy Choice: Should America Welcome Kids Fleeing Violence, or Send Them Back to the Violence They Fled? The Internet Is Not Happy With John Cornyn Admitting He Doesn’t Think Asylum Seekers Should Be Treated Humanely English Sinclair Broadcasting Group Border surge derails prospects for... Continue »
You can listen to a recording of the call here.  Earlier today, experts, advocates and impacted individuals gathered on a weekly “Office Hours” press call co-hosted by America’s Voice and We Are Home. Important votes took place this week in the House on HR 6 (The American Dream &... Continue »
As the chattering classes debate the prospects for immigration bills that legalize millions, we want to point out some underappreciated dynamics: Democrats are united in favor of immigrants; the American people favor pro-immigrant policies; and the movement led by immigrants continues to get stronger.  Yesterday, the House of Representatives... Continue »
America’s Voice   OFFICE HOURS: IMPACTED INDIVIDUALS, EXPERTS, ADVOCATES PROVIDE CONTEXT ON THE WEEK IN IMMIGRATION The New Politics of Immigration on Display: Democrats Stand United with the American Public to Deliver Solutions English New York Times House Votes to Give Millions of Dreamers and Farmworkers a Path to... Continue »
“It’s time for ‘We the People’ to include all of us”   The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice. It’s time for ‘We the People’ to include all of us.   Today, House Democrats stood with the vast majority of Americans to pass legislation... Continue »
Meanwhile, Democrats Focused on Moving Country Forward   Later today, the House of Representatives will vote on two immigration bills, the Dream & Promise Act (HR 6) and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act (HR 1603). Immigrant youth, TPS/DED holders, and farm workers are ready. Democrats in Congress are ready.... Continue »