At President Biden’s first official press conference this afternoon, we expect lots of questions about the border, asylum policy, and migration from Central America. Here is important context: Trump weaponized a broken system The Trump administration cut aid to Central America, increasing migration pressures. They ended investments in Central... Continue »
Over the last few weeks, the Republican party and their right-wing media allies have tried to exploit desperate migrant kids at the border for political gain. In spite of the facts on the ground, the GOP employed a coordinated effort to solely blame President Biden, framing the situation a... Continue »
America’s Voice   When it Comes to Fixing a Broken Immigration System, Biden and Harris Seek Durable Policy Solutions, Republicans Seek Cheap Political Advantage Don’t Fall for the Trap: Framing Migrant Children Arriving at the Border as a “Crisis” is a GOP “Divide and Distract” Tactic English Washington Post... Continue »
It’s certainly symptomatic to see how the combined narratives on the topic of immigration show the true intentions of those addressing the situation of thousands of immigrants who, even in this century, consider the United States to be their only salvation. The contrasts, of course, are evident, especially trying... Continue »
Statement from Frank Sharry on the Today’s Senate Floor Unanimous Consent Requests Today, Senate Republicans are offering a series of bills for “unanimous consent” on the Senate floor in their ongoing effort to politicize and weaponize immigration. The measures will all fail because Democrats will object, as they should. ... Continue »
Kids are fleeing for their lives. Democrats are proposing intelligent solutions to complex challenges. The Republicans are playing politics.  A powerful NBC News story, “‘My dream is to meet my dad’: They crossed the border alone to reunite with parents,” interviews kids who just arrived in America: “‘Have you... Continue »
Es ciertamente sintomático ver cómo las narrativas amalgamadas por el tema migratorio exhiben las verdaderas intenciones de quienes abordan la situación de los miles de inmigrantes que, aún en este siglo, consideran a Estados Unidos como su única salvación. Los contrastes, por cierto, son evidentes, sobre todo cuando se... Continue »
America’s Voice   “Democrats are going big to solve problems. Republicans are pulling stunts to score political points.” Kids Seek Safety, Democrats Propose Solutions and Republicans Play Politics La nueva era de los inmigrantes ante los ojos del mundo y de la historia English Associated Press Girl’s solo journey... Continue »
Let’s be clear. Whether it’s called a “crisis” or not, the situation at the border, with thousands of young people arriving alone every day, has occurred and will continue occurring whether or not Joe Biden is in the White House, or another Republican more recalcitrant than Donald Trump. With... Continue »
“There’s no migrant surge”…“border looks identical to 2019 without repeat crossers”…“the media must be held accountable for shallow reporting” Experts are pushing back on the breathless, context-free coverage and commentary of the so-called “Biden border crisis.” For those who follow this closely, It is not a crisis; Biden is... Continue »