The relief that the transition of the power in the United States has finally ushered in, particularly among communities of immigrants, not only has an immediate historic impact, but an unprecedented humanitarian effect. Passing from a xenophobic and racist administration, with imperialistic pretensions and neo-Nazi, supremacist, and domestic terrorist... Continue »
Immigration polling from America's Voice.
New PRRI Polling Finds 80% of Americans Back a Permanent Solution for Undocumented Immigrants, Including 64% Support for Citizenship The Biden administration went right to work on Day One to begin reversing the cruelty and chaos of Trump’s war on immigrants. The new administration’s approach offers a dramatic and... Continue »
America’s Voice   It’s time to come through On Day One, Biden Keeps His Immigration Promises, and New Polling Shows His Actions Enjoy Strong Public Support English Miami Herald (Op-Ed) Biden might succeed in legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants. Here’s why. By Andres Oppenheimer January 20, 2021 Associated Press... Continue »
El alivio que ha significado finalmente la transición de poder en Estados Unidos, especialmente entre comunidades de migrantes, tiene no solo una repercusión histórica inmediata, sino un efecto humanitario sin precedentes. Pasar de una administración xenófoba y racista, con pretensiones imperiales y apoyo neonazi, supremacista y terrorismo doméstico —el cual... Continue »
Following politics in Washington, D.C. for almost three decades has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because of the richness of experience, the capacity to place new information in context, and for being on the front row of history as it unfolds. A curse because witnessing... Continue »
Donald Trump was the most anti-immigrant president in modern history who used his time in office to enact cruel and inhumane policies. In 2020, our multiracial, multiethnic, multigenerational majority chose a new America. As we prepare for a new administration and era in American politics, many immigrants and advocates... Continue »
The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: Today marks a new day for the nation, a confident embrace of foundational American ideals, and a sea change in policy affecting immigrants and refugees in America. As the Day One legislative proposal and executive orders... Continue »
A recording of the call is available here.   Earlier today, immigration policy experts convened to dive deep into the Day One Biden bill as well as today’s immigration-related executive orders.  Greisa Martinez Rosas, Executive Director, United We Dream: During the past four years under Trump, we were able... Continue »
  Seguir la política de Washington, D.C., durante casi tres décadas ha sido una bendición y una maldición. Bendición por la cantera de experiencia, la capacidad de colocar los nuevos acontecimientos en contexto y presenciar en primera fila la historia en su desarrollo. Maldición porque atestiguar tomaduras de pelo... Continue »
America’s Voice   We Cannot Forget The Internet’s Best Reactions to Joe Biden’s Inauguration A New Day on Immigration: America’s Voice Responds Immigration Experts Discuss Political and Legislative Implications of Biden-Harris Day 1 Immigration Bill Prohibido olvidar English Newsweek Joe Biden’s Reversal of Donald Trump Immigration Policies Doesn’t Satisfy... Continue »