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The spectacle of the Republican Party repeating the lies of President Donald Trump, that he “won” reelection and is the victim of “electoral fraud,” has already gone from bad to worse. It was anticipated that Trump would not demonstrate a modicum of grace or decency, much less recognize that... Continue »
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El espectáculo del Partido Republicano solapando las mentiras del presidente Donald Trump de que “ganó” la reelección y de que es víctima de “fraude electoral” ya pasó de castaño a oscuro. Una cosa es que se anticipara que Trump no mostraría un ápice de gracia ni decencia, ni mucho... Continue »
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Ever since he came down the escalator in 2015, Donald Trump has taken a wrecking ball to the Statue of Liberty, dehumanizing and attacking immigrants at every turn. After four years of enduring cruel and inhumane policies under this administration, after the election was officially called in Joe Biden’s... Continue »
The spontaneous public demonstrations of joy over the dethroning of Donald Trump and the triumph of the Biden-Harris Democratic duo resembled those from nations where a dictator was unseated, rather than a U.S. election. It was a type of social depressurization that was just as longed for as it... Continue »
Black, Latino, and AAPI Voters Play Key Role in Securing Biden/Harris Victory As underscored by the election results and backed up by the findings of the 2020 American Election Eve poll, the Biden/Harris victory was powered by the turnout and support of African American, Latino, and AAPI voters.  Leading... Continue »
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