America’s Voice   The Immigration Issue and Moderate, Swing and Persuadable Voters – Lessons from 2020 English Vida en el valle Latino voters credited for helping Biden wrest presidency from Trump By Juan Esparaza Lorea November 19, 2020 Nevada Independent Black voters in Nevada choose Biden by wide margin,... Continue »
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Marisa Franco: “This vicious cycle of writing off Latinos as infrequent voters — and then blaming us for election outcomes and using that to justify inaction on issues that matter to us — must end.”  Latinos, Black voters, and AAPI voters were part of the multiracial majority that recoiled... Continue »
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On Saturday, federal judge Nicholas Garaufis ruled that Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf was serving unlawfully when he issued this summer’s memo restricting access to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. As a result, the DACA program may be  poised to accept first-time applications from tens of... Continue »
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A recording of the call is available here. In the historic 2020 election cycle, Latino voters were crucial to both parties in races up and down the ticket in every state. Earlier today, national and state Latino leaders gathered to discuss Latino voter’s impact and discussed their experiences mobilizing... Continue »
Frank Sharry: “Pushed by a movement demanding action, supported by a public that hungers for solutions, and backed by a party that stands united on these issues, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have an opportunity to become a proudly pro-immigrant, pro-refugee administration.” Yesterday, President-elect Biden committed to restoring America’s... Continue »
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