America’s Voice   “Cruelty of the highest form”: Observers Call Out Trump’s Morally Bankrupt Family Separation Policy Will Immigration Come Up at Tonight’s Presidential Debate? English Daily Kos Trump admin reportedly considering slashing COVID-19 aid to areas of the country he hates By Gabe Ortiz October 21, 2020 Latino... Continue »
Every new revelation about Trump’s family separation policy confirms why it is one of the worst human rights atrocities committed by our government in modern American history.  It cries out for action on two fronts: 1) a government-led effort to do everything possible to reunite and support the families... Continue »
America’s Voice   What to Do About Trump’s Morally Bankrupt Family Separation Policy? Reunite All the Families and Hold Accountable All Those Responsible English Daily Kos New polling finds Americans strongly opposing Trump on key immigration issues By Gabe Ortiz October 20, 2020 Washington Post A 6-3 Supreme Court... Continue »
For hundreds of thousands of TPS holders, their future is in jeopardy and the election provides an opportunity for permanent protection.  In a new op-ed in The Hill, José Palma makes a powerful case for voting in leaders who will protect the more than 300,000 TPS holders and 200,000... Continue »
Must-read Catherine Rampell column underscores that Trump has forced a referendum on immigrants – and Americans have chosen to side with immigrants. Syndicated columnist Catherine Rampell’s latest, titled “Trump has shifted the country to the left — or at least away from his own views,” underscores a point that... Continue »
America’s Voice   ICYMI: José Palma in The Hill: “For TPS holders, the election stakes couldn’t be higher” Americans Are More Pro-Immigrant Since Trump Took Office English Daily Kos John Cornyn is getting just plain embarrassing in trying to save his suddenly competitive seat By Gabe Ortiz October 19,... Continue »
While President Donald Trump defies the coronavirus with packed rallies that have been sources of contagion, even though it doesn’t matter to his loyal followers, around the country other places are equally packed. But these places are filled with voters who are waiting in long and, in many cases,... Continue »
In an editorial board interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Cornyn says he broke with Trump on the border wall, but kept opposition private. Of course, Cornyn’s voting record and public statements show the exact opposite, and this willful misrepresentation of his own actual immigration record is classic Cornyn cowardice in his... Continue »
2020 edition of PRRI’s “American Values Survey” offers fresh data on why Trump’s reliance on xenophobia keeps failing and backfiring The latest edition of PRRI’s annual, large-sample “American Values Survey” poll is out today. It is filled with interesting findings on a range of issues and topics, including immigration. ... Continue »
The “Cornyn Con” is now laced with cowardice   We have labeled the distance between what Senator John Cornyn says and how he votes the “Cornyn Con,” or in Spanish, “La Farsa Cornyn.” And wow, do we have another good example to add to the litany of Cornyn’s hypocrisy,... Continue »