Senator John Cornyn is out with a new Spanish-language ad claiming that he “strongly supports the legalization of Dreamers.” It’s a jaw-dropping claim considering his long record of doing exactly the opposite. On the Senate floor, Cornyn has had numerous opportunities to vote yes. Every time, he’s voted no.... Continue »
En la lucha por el voto latino de Florida, y en específico el voto puertorriqueño de ese estado, hasta de “arroz” están hablando las campañas presidenciales. En respuesta a un spot radial en español de la campaña de Donald Trump, donde una joven defiende a las empresas Goya con un acento... Continue »
America’s Voice   TPS Holder-Plaintiffs, Litigators React To Court’s Decision on Temporary Protected Status Frank Sharry: La decisión Ramos v. Nielsen implica que el TPS estará en la boleta electoral en noviembre La ‘Farsa Cornyn’ continúa: John Cornyn se llama a sí mismo un firme defensor de la legalización... Continue »
Key Immigration Politics Stories Pew poll on immigration: “voters have shifted in a more liberal direction.” Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli need to resign from DHS – they’ve betrayed America Border Patrol produces racist video just in time for Trump’s reelection  Biden, Latinos and Florida – check the data,... Continue »
Dramatic shift in a more liberal direction is a strong rebuke to Trump and Trumpism A deep-dive Pew Poll finds that during the most anti-immigrant administration in our lifetime, Americans have become dramatically more pro-immigrant. While “there continue to be stark differences” in how Americans view immigrants, “voters across... Continue »
America’s Voice   America’s Voice Election 2020 Weekly Digest #6 Pew Poll On Immigrants and Refugees Finds Trump Has Forced Americans to Make a Choice — And We Have: English Daily Kos Chad Wolf ignores white supremacy terror threat to peddle anti-immigrant garbage for his boss By Gabe Ortiz... Continue »
A recording of the call is available here  Earlier today Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12) joined Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders who are working on the frontlines of the Coronavirus pandemic in New Jersey to discuss their critical role in protecting New Jersey communities... Continue »
Damning new revelations from a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower make it crystal clear that the acting DHS leaders Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli have betrayed the country and their duties. They are responsible for covering up Russian attacks on our democracy and minimizing the white supremacist terrorist... Continue »
Throughout election season, America’s Voice has been tracking xenophobic and racist ads that candidates, campaigns, and PACs are running through our 2020 Ad Watch campaign. Although hateful election rhetoric did not start with Trump, the president’s attacks during the 2016 and 2018 campaigns were some of the most troubling... Continue »
America’s Voice   Sen. Menendez & Rep. Watson Coleman Join New Jersey TPS Holders on Frontlines Combating Coronavirus Chad Wolf and Ken Cuccinelli Need to Resign “They’ve Betrayed America” NEW MAP: Racist and Xenophobic Dog-Whistles in 2020 Political Ads English Washington Post Trump says he didn’t want to spark... Continue »