English The Intercept GOP LAWMAKERS ASKED TRUMP FOR LOW WAGE, MIGRANT WORKER VISAS By Lee Fang August 26, 2020 New York Daily News More than 1,000 U.S. health workers have died of COVID-19; many were racial minorities, immigrants By MURI ASSUNÇÃO August 26, 2020 The Guardian ‘We risk our lives for our patients’: the US… Continue »

Day two of the 2020 Republican National Convention was a night full of contradictions in regards to immigration policy. The same stream of racist rhetoric flowed throughout the event with new tricks to try to cover for this hateful rhetoric. Still, the central narrative of the convention was to talk about anything other than the… Continue »

Yesterday’s prominent display of a naturalization ceremony at the White House during the Republican National Convention featuring President Trump and Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf suggests to the American public that naturalization is very important to this administration.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  First, the administration devalued the gravity of this… Continue »

A recording of the call is available here Earlier today, immigration justice advocates joined South Sudanese human rights activist Manyang Reath to discuss the urgent need for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to extend and redesignate South Sudan for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Experts made the argument that TPS for South Sudan must be… Continue »

The naturalization ceremony part of last night’s RNC was a deeply cynical event, featuring the most anti-immigrant president in history attempting to obscure and paper over his relentless animosity toward immigrants and both undocumented and so-called “legal” immigration. A range of observers weighed in to condemn the cynicism on display and to highlight the Trump… Continue »

America’s Voice   Republican National Convention Digital Review: Day 2 The Trump Administration’s Real Record on Naturalization As South Sudan TPS Decision Date Nears, Immigration Justice Advocates Urge 18-Month Re-Designation & Extension The Most Anti-Immigrant President in History Cynically Uses Naturalization Ceremony as Political Theater English Associated Press US Citizenship Agency Drops Plan to Furlough… Continue »

The 2020 Republican National Convention did not shy away from the xenophobia, racism and dog-whistle politics that many predicted to be the inevitable narrative of the event. In the words of Frank Sharry, “after failing America on the pandemic, the economy and race relations, stoking fear of ‘the non-white other’ is pretty much all they… Continue »

Continues Drive to End Popular Program and Put Dreamers on a Path to Deportation On Day One of its convention, the Republican Party portrayed itself as the “law and order” party. But as we have learned the hard way, it’s critical to watch what they do and not what they say. Take the Trump administration’s… Continue »

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 In a new analysis posted at Medium in advance of the Republican convention, Frank Sharry predicts: “This convention is going to be a tribute to Trump and the GOP’s embrace of white identity politics. It’s gonna be ugly.” Clearly, Trump and his enablers believe racism and xenophobia works. Stephen Miller recently asserted that Joe Biden’s… Continue »