America’s Voice   The More Trump Doubles Down on Cruelty and Xenophobia, The More the American People Embrace a Different Approach Immigration Advocates and DACA Eligible Immigrants Discuss SCOTUS Ruling English Alternet The hateful crusade at the heart of Trump’s presidency is backfiring By Gabe Ortiz July 01, 2020 Associated Press Judge Deals Setback to… Continue »

Every day brings reminders that the American public is recoiling from Trump’s race-baiting and xenophobia. New immigration polling from Gallup is the latest evidence: By a 77-19% margin, Gallup finds that Americans think immigration is a “good thing” rather than a “bad thing” for the country today.  Democrats (89-9%), Independents (78-17%), and Republicans (62-31%) each… Continue »

Today, America’s Voice launched a new countdown clock to draw attention to the impending furloughs facing two-thirds of USCIS workers and the larger damaging implications on the country as a whole. Currently, we have 32 days until the early August deadline for USCIS funding. If no deal is reached, thousands of USCIS employees will be… Continue »

dream act

Cruz does the dirty work as GOP Senators in tight races are nowhere to be seen   Sen. Dick Durbin went to the Senate floor this morning to ask unanimous consent for HR 6, the Dream and Promise Act, be brought up for a vote in the Senate. The bill, passed a year ago in… Continue »

America’s Voice   As Trump Runs Hard on Xenophobia, Gallup Poll Finds Highest-Ever Support for Immigration As “Good Thing” for America Countdown to Meltdown: 32 Days Until Impending USCIS Furloughs Would Shut Down Immigration System and Inflict Harm Across America Senator Richard Durbin and the Democrats Press for a Vote on Dreamers and TPS; Senator… Continue »