A la reciente decisión del presidente de Estados Unidos de desplegar agentes federales en diversas ciudades del país, con la aparente intención de restaurar “la ley y el orden”, le ha precedido una larga y ahora ya longeva lista de mandatos u ocurrencias que se han convertido en ataques directos a las minorías de esta… Continue »

“The President remains on very shaky ground politically and legally as he ignores  the Supreme Court’s ruling and leaves hundreds of thousands of DACA-eligible immigrants in limbo.”   Five weeks ago today, the Supreme Court ruled that President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security unlawfully ended the DACA program. Five weeks later, the Trump… Continue »

Immigration polling from America's Voice.

Newly released polling of swing voters across twelve battleground states indicates that Trump’s anti-immigrant electoral strategy is failing.  After three years of demonizing immigrants, most recently through the unconstitutional attacks on the census, and advancing policies that cut immigration at the expense of families and communities across the country, newly released polling shows that voters… Continue »

America’s Voice   Lawlessness Continues As Trump Defies Supreme Court on DACA New Polling Shows Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Election Strategy is Failing English Sinclair Broadcasting House seats, electoral votes at risk as Trump tries to exclude undocumented immigrants By Stephen Loiaconi July 22, 2020 Associated Press House OKs Repeal of Trump Travel Ban Decried as Anti-Muslim… Continue »

The House of Representatives is expected to debate and vote on the NO BAN Act a today, a bill to rescind President Trump’s Muslim Ban, African Ban and Refugee Ban as well as to prevent measures that restrict legal immigration and travel based on religion, national origin or other forms of blatant discrimination.  The following… Continue »

There they go again. The Trump administration has been busy in recent days making news on an array of issues broadly relevant to immigration. While each are important in their own right, they share several themes in common: they underscore Trump’s authoritarian worldview that he is above the law; they are motivated by racism and… Continue »

America’s Voice   America’s Voice Urges House of Representatives to Pass The NO BAN Act Lawless, Racist, and Politically Desperate: Connecting the Dots on Trump’s Latest Efforts to Shift Political Focus English Politico Trump wants immigration out of the census — and at the center of the election By Anita Kumar July 21, 2020 KQED… Continue »

“He’s not really acting as the President of the United States. He’s acting as the president of white people in red states.”   The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: I’ll leave the legal analysis to others, because I don’t think Trump cares about whether this will withstand court… Continue »

Leading observers are condemning the Trump administration’s dangerous deployment of DHS agents to Portland and other American cities, arguing that this provocative and cynical move undermines our democracy and heads us toward what author Anne Applebaum calls, “performative authoritarianism.” Jamelle Bouie in The New York Times, The Border War in Portland, notes: “As a candidate,… Continue »

America’s Voice   Statement in Reaction to Trump Memo on Immigrants and the Census Rising Chorus of Condemnation for Trump’s “Performative Authoritarianism in Portland and Beyond English Associated Press He’s Back: Trump to Re-Up Virus Briefings Amid Lagging Polls July 21, 2020 Washington Post Trump to bring back coronavirus briefings in attempt to revive reelection… Continue »