Each Friday through Election Day, we will be putting out a short weekly memo that highlights the biggest 2020 election storylines at the intersection of electoral politics and immigration.   Key Immigration Politics Storyline of This Week DACA on the ballot this November – bad news for GOP. The Trump... Continue »
America’s Voice   America’s Voice Election 2020 Weekly Digest – July 31 English Newsweek Marco Rubio and Democrats Can Agree on One Thing: Stimulus Cash for Mixed-Status Families By RAMSEY TOUCHBERRY July 30, 2020 New York Times Undocumented Housekeeper Who Worked at Trump Property Could Face Deportation By Miriam... Continue »
And why he’s one of the greatest threats to DACA There are, unfortunately, many appointed and elected officials across the U.S. who have made a career out of enacting anti-immigrant policy. But as far as activist federal judges go, perhaps none stand out like Judge Andrew Hanen of the... Continue »
Yesterday, Donald Trump spent a full day in Texas, traveling to Odessa and Midland for a campaign-style rally and fundraiser. There’s no better indication that the state is a battleground than for the incumbent Republican President to devote such a major chunk of time in what was once a... Continue »
Win or Lose, Trump is Determined to Deport Dreamers In typical fashion, and in its determination to dismantle DACA, administration officials are saying their latest effort to limit the Obama-era program, is just a temporary measure until next steps are decided. We know what that means. When Trump and... Continue »
America’s Voice   Immigration 101: Who is Judge Andrew Hanen? Trump Campaigns in Texas; Doesn’t Address: Stealing Land to Build a Wall that is Falling Down; COVID Impact on Victims or Essential Workers, Many Immigrants; Family Detention and Separation; DACA Recipients Who He Plans to Deport As Trump Administration... Continue »
5,600 TPS holders in MA Working at Forefront of the COVID-19 Response A recording of the call is available here Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic and members of the Massachusetts TPS Committee joined Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and immigration advocates to discuss... Continue »
Below are four key points about the Trump administration’s DACA memo yesterday: A death knell for DACA, if Trump gets his way. While the White House tried to spin yesterday’s announcement as some sort of compromise – and several headlines ran with their “extension of DACA” framing – it’s... Continue »
America’s Voice   Sen. Ed Markey Joins MA Essential Workers w/TPS on Frontlines While Under Threat from Trump Admin Four Key Points About Yesterday’s DACA Announcement English Alternet ‘Patently illegal’: Trump sued over attempt to erase undocumented immigrants from census By Gabe Ortiz July 28, 2020 Associated Press Trump... Continue »
“The best way to protect Dreamers and to move forward with a path to a permanent solution for all undocumented immigrants is to defeat Trump this November”   A new memo that lays the groundwork for eliminating the DACA program was issued today by the Trump Administration. While many... Continue »