America’s Voice   In the Spirit of Freedom Friday, Black Immigrant Leaders Discuss the Continued Detention of Black Immigrants During Unrest and a Pandemic Trump Torches the Nation’s Immigration System Closing the Golden Door and Burning Down the House English Newsweek Exclusive: Marco Rubio Introduces Bill to Give Citizens in Mixed-Status Families Stimulus Checks By… Continue »

There are many images of today’s U.S. president that have inevitably become historical. For example, when he descended the gilded staircase of his building in New York to announce his anti-immigrant presidential campaign in June of 2015, which in total certainty will become an inevitable scene in a low or high-budget movie when this is… Continue »

The Trump Administration is Destroying the Immigration System The Trump administration’s efforts to keep out and kick out immigrants and refugees has long been evident. The drive to dismantle our nation’s immigration system is now in overdrive.  Given the political headwinds, Stephen Miller and his lackeys face the real possibility that the Trump presidency will… Continue »

Hay muchas imágenes del actual presidente de Estados Unidos que inevitablemente se han vuelto históricas. Por ejemplo, cuando desciende de la dorada escalera de su edificio en Nueva York para anunciar su antiinmigrante campaña presidencial en junio de 2015, la que con toda seguridad aparecerá como escena ineludible de algún filme de bajo o alto… Continue »

In a seven chapter investigative piece entitled “Essential but Deportable,” Univision addresses the many difficulties faced by immigrant families under the Trump administration citing that “the return of massive workplace raids and the adoption of strong anti-immigrant policies such as ‘zero tolerance’ have destroyed the social and economic fabric of immigrant communities.” Even deemed as… Continue »

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Trump Autographs Border Wall As Pandemic Rages, Economy Collapses, and Racial Justice Movement Marches   Take a look at this image from President Trump’s visit to the border wall in Arizona yesterday. Like any photograph, the power of the image is derived from the moment it captures. The photo captures Trump signing the border wall… Continue »

$4000 for Vacations, $18 Billion for the Wall: These Are McSally’s Priorities As COVID-19 Ravages Arizona “Sen. McSally has hooked her flagging campaign to Trump’s flagrantly racist campaign messages.” Arizona, like Texas and a handful of states, is reeling from COVID-19 with record-setting infections. As state and local governments scramble to contain the virus and… Continue »

America’s Voice   Trump Plays With His Sharpie at His Border Wall As Virus Rages in Arizona $4000 for Vacations, $18 Billion for the Wall: These Are McSally’s Priorities As COVID-19 Ravages Arizona English Cronkite News Trump tours, touts border wall; critics blast his ‘little pep rally’ in midst of pandemic By Farah Eltohamy June… Continue »

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