Frank Sharry on Stephen Miller NYTimes Report    A New York Times report from Caitlin Dickerson and Michael Shear, “Before Covid-19, Trump Aide Sought to Use Disease to Close Borders,” confirms that White House aide Stephen Miller used the pretext of the pandemic as justification to circumvent Congress and advance long-sought anti-immigrant policy goals.  As… Continue »

Time for Trump and Administration Officials to Work a Full Shift Alongside Frontline Workers In response to the Trump executive order that forces meatpacking plants to stay open despite mounting infections and deaths, Gary Harris, a 20-year worker at the Logansport, Indiana Tyson plant, told The Indianapolis Star: …I think they should bring the president… Continue »

131,300 TPS Holders Across the Nation Are Working in Essential Industries While Under Threat of Deportation & Family Separation from Administration In an op-ed at the Des Moines Register, Ta-Yu Yang and Jeanne K. Johnson make the case that frontline workers, including TPS holders and Dreamers, deserve protection from a country they are risking their… Continue »

May 4, 2020

Victoria Slatton

Victoria Slatton obtained her J.D. from Pepperdine University and is a barred attorney in California. After law school she worked at the Department of Homeland Security where she obtained invaluable insights into how USCIS adjudicates immigration cases and the pressing need for agency reform. She left her position in the government shortly after the administration… Continue »

America’s Voice   “Saving lives isn’t Miller’s priority, exploiting a deadly pandemic to advance Trump’s cruel and cynical agenda is.” Meatpacking Worker: ‘Bring the President Down…to Work Shoulder to Shoulder’ with Us ICYMI: “Honor immigrants on COVID-19 front lines by helping their families stay here” English Black Star News UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS AREN’T IMMORAL, TRUMP’S TREATMENT… Continue »

If the COVID-19 pandemic has made anything begin to be obvious in the social economic structure of the United States, it is the indispensable character of the work of those who truly guarantee the survival of humanity. In reality, it has been the farm workers and health workers, together with those responsible for cleaning, and… Continue »

When Will “Executives” From Tyson and the Administration Visit Frontline Workers? President Trump’s executive order forcing meat processing workers back to unsafe jobs without proper protections – while Republicans in Congress push for new liability protections for such companies – distills the Trump/GOP view that the profits of corporations matter more than the health and… Continue »

Frank Sharry: “In a society striving to extend equality to one and all…it is detestable that we deny freedom, justice and equality to the 11 million undocumented immigrants who live and contribute here. Executive Director of America’s Voice Frank Sharry pens an op-ed in Medium that lifts up the indispensable workforce of undocumented immigrants and… Continue »

America’s Voice   Coronavirus: between a new “social contract” or a profound system realignment “The Tyson 900” – Workers at Tyson Plant Test Positive As Tyson Lobbies Trump for “Must Open” Executive Order Frank Sharry Op-ed: “All of Us Should Mean All of Us” English Medium (Op-ed) All of Us Should Mean All of Us… Continue »

Si algo ha empezado a configurarse en la estructura socioeconómica estadounidense a raíz de la pandemia de Covid-19 es el carácter indispensable del trabajo de quienes verdaderamente garantizan la sobrevivencia humana. En efecto, entre los trabajadores del campo y los de la salud, junto con los encargados de limpieza y los empleados de supermercados y… Continue »