Trump’s wall has already passed the level of obsession. It’s like a sort of zipper on a garment that doesn’t fit, but one stubbornly tries to close it anyway. The seams of the garment struggle in the effort, a warning that it’s simply not possible to achieve the objective.... Continue »
Martin Luther King, Jr: “La verdadera paz no es la ausencia de conflictos… sino la presencia de justicia”   Normalmente, America’s Voice se enfoca en el tema migratorio. Pero en este momento los estadounidenses de todos los ámbitos y los activistas de todos los temas necesitan levantarse y ser... Continue »
Martin Luther King, Jr: “True peace is not the absence of conflict…. but the presence of justice.” Typically, America’s Voice stays in the immigration lane. But at this moment, Americans from all walks and activists on all issues need to stand up and be heard. The killing of Black... Continue »
America’s Voice   The Presidential obsession remains fixed on the wall Comunicado sobre el asesinato de George Floyd Statement on the Murder of George Floyd English Bloomberg Law Over 10,000 Immigration Agency Furloughs Possible: Union (1) By Genevieve Douglas May 28, 2020 New York Times Border Wall Land Grabs... Continue »
El muro de Trump ha rebasado ya el nivel de la obsesión. Es como una especie de cremallera de una prenda de vestir que no le queda, pero que se empecina en cerrar, aunque las costuras del atuendo empiecen a crujir, advirtiendo que simplemente no es posible lograr el... Continue »
A recording of the call is available here. Earlier today, immigrant advocates, lawmakers, and stakeholders gathered on a press call to discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on naturalization proceedings and how the push to hold virtual ceremonies will impact communities across the country.  The HEROES Act, which... Continue »
The border wall is a costly campaign prop While America mourns the loss of 100,000 of our friends and family, President Trump remains consumed with building his border wall.  Elizabeth Findell of the Wall Street Journal highlights how the Trump administration is proceeding full steam ahead with border wall... Continue »
Lawrence Downes, formerly an editorial writer for the New York Times, pens a must-read op-ed in the Los Angeles Times today: “Republicans weaponized ‘amnesty’ to make undocumented immigrants suffer. Let’s take it back.” Downes writes like few others and has long captured the nuances of the immigration debate and... Continue »
America’s Voice   Waiting to take the Oath: Experts and Lawmakers Discuss COVID-19 and Virtual Naturalization Ceremonies Trump Accelerates Construction of the Border Wall While Doing Nothing to Accelerate Testing and Contact Tracing Must-Read Lawrence Downes in the LA Times “Republicans weaponized ‘amnesty’ to make undocumented immigrants suffer. Let’s... Continue »