A recording of the call is available here As the Trump administration continues to mishandle the outbreak of COVID-19 and use nativism to distract from its failures, a panel of experts and advocates gathered earlier today on a press call to talk about how the struggle to protect public health requires an inclusive strategy, not… Continue »

America’s Voice On Press Call, Experts Respond to Trump Administration’s Strategy of Using Bigotry and Xenophobia to Deflect from Its Mishandling of COVID-19 Pandemic English Bloomberg Law Foreign Doctors’ ‘Hands Tied’ by Visa Rules in Covid-19 Fight By Jacquie Lee and Genevieve Douglas March 24, 2020 The Wall Street Journal Negotiators Nearing Accord on U.S.… Continue »

Supreme Court travel ban order.

In a must-read op-ed published yesterday in the Washington Post, Julio Ricardo Varela exposes Trump’s attempt to point fingers and scapegoat immigrants in an attempt to deflect accountability for his failure to respond to a global pandemic. As Varela writes, “First, he blamed the Chinese. Then, he blamed previous administrations. Now, President Trump has taken… Continue »

America’s Voice ICYMI: Julio Ricardo Varela in Washington Post “Trump turns to a familiar scapegoat: Immigration” English The New York Times In Pandemic, Justice Dept. Seeks Video Court Hearings and Home Detention By Charlie Savage March 23, 2020 The Wall Street Journal Trump Administration Pauses Court Proceedings for Asylum Seekers By Michelle Hackman March 23,… Continue »

House Democrats introduced a COVID-19 package that includes much stronger provisions to protect public health and to ensure economic security for all, unlike the Senate bill which favors billions for corporate bailouts and leaves many people out. The House bill is more inclusive of working families, including immigrant families — an approach that will more… Continue »

Yesterday, Senate Democrats voted down a partisan Mitch McConnell-led maneuver and bill in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The GOP proposal would have allowed for huge corporate bailouts with little accountability, not enough protections for all Americans, and nothing meaningful for hospitals and healthcare workers on the front lines. In response to the Democrats insisting… Continue »

The Immigrant Workforce is a Vital Part of the Essential Public Health & Safety Workforce and the Bulk of Agricultural and Food Security of the Nation The public health crisis created by COVID-19 has exposed the critical nature of workers in certain industries that are on the front lines protecting all of us, from doctors,… Continue »

Aunque ya como puertorriqueña había experimentado la incertidumbre de tener a Donald J. Trump como presidente en medio de un desastre natural como lo fue el huracán “María” en 2017, mis mayores temores se han hecho realidad con la crisis del coronavirus. Es decir, siempre me preguntaba qué sería de nosotros si se desataba una… Continue »

America’s Voice Sen. John Cornyn To Senate Democrats Fighting For All Americans: “Blah Blah Blah” Protecting America’s Health and Economic Security Relies on the Frontline Skill of Immigrant Workers La falta de liderazgo en la Casa Blanca, tan peligrosa como el coronavirus English Dallas Morning News U.S., Mexico banning ‘nonessential’ crossings as Trump warns of… Continue »

A continuación compartimos un comunicado de Pili Tobar, Subdirectora de America’s Voice, en relación con el tercer paquete de ayuda que actualmente se negocia en el Congreso: Los republicanos en el Senado están impulsando un paquete de ayuda que favorece a los ricos y otorga autoridad al gobierno de Trump sin que rinda cuentas. Esto… Continue »