As we continue to reel and respond to the current public health crisis, we have a few questions: Why is the Trump administration pressing the Supreme Court to end DACA on an expedited basis, as 27,000 DACA recipients work on the front lines in healthcare jobs? Putting 700,000 families on a path to deportation would… Continue »

America’s Voice On Press Call Experts and DACA Recipients Discuss the Immigrants Protecting America Amid Xenophobic Attacks SCOTUS Should Do Its Part to Help Our Nation In Our Hour Of Need By Protecting DACA Recipients American Hero: TPS Holder & Harvard Custodian Stayed on the Job to Fight Pandemic, Contracts Covid-19 Symptoms Stephen Miller and… Continue »

Rafael Bernal at The Hill reports that people across a multitude of immigration statuses including Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders and Dreamers are now faced with the prospect of losing their legal status despite the fact that millions of immigrant workers are on the frontlines working to combat the novel Coronavirus crisis. Douglas Rivlin, Director… Continue »

Although as a Puerto Rican I have already experienced the uncertainty inherent in having Donald J. Trump as president in the midst of a natural disaster like what was Hurricane Maria in 2017, my worst fears have been turned into reality with the coronavirus crisis. That is, I always used to ask myself what would… Continue »

An in-depth profile on Chef Jose Andrés for TIME Magazine hammers home the essential role immigrants play in America in general and especially now on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak; particularly when it comes to feeding the nation. The profile comes after Chef Andrés’s appearance on the premiere episode of the MSNBC series… Continue »

Far from subsiding, the “curve” in cases of coronavirus in this nation of immigrants, representing the phase in which the pandemic is, according to experts on the matter, casting off at least some signs of relief, continues to widen. And while this line continues to grow, already in the United States, for example, more than… Continue »

America’s Voice Rafael Bernal at The Hill: Immigrants like TPS holders, Dreamers at risk of losing status during coronavirus pandemic The White House’s lack of leadership is just as dangerous as the coronavirus Chef Jose Andrés Champions Immigrants’ Role on Front Line of Pandemic It’s vital to include immigrants to combat COVID-19 English Politico Massive… Continue »

Lejos de amainar, la curva que describe el reporte de casos de coronavirus en esta nación de inmigrantes se ensancha aún más, sin que la fase en la que se encuentra la pandemia, según los expertos en la materia, arroje al menos señales de alivio. Y mientras estas líneas se van acomodando, se reportan ya… Continue »

“Debemos hacer que el presidente mantenga su palabra de que el estatus migratorio no será una barrera para recibir la prueba para el COVID-19, o de que buscar tratamiento no será utilizado contra los inmigrantes y sus familias, ni los expondrá a la deportación o a la detención”: Pili Tobar, America’s Voice El Senado aprobó… Continue »

“We must hold President Trump to his word that immigration status will not be a barrier to getting tested for COVID-19 or that seeking treatment will not be held against immigrants and their families or expose them to deportation or detention.” Today, the Senate passed the third COVID-19 relief package and the House is expected… Continue »