Covering for his multiple failures to protect the American public from Covid-19, President Trump and his supporters have turned to their usual xenophobia and blaming of everyone else. It started early in the Trump administration with closures and defunding of key public health offices and cuts to critical public... Continue »
Immigrants continue to prove that they play a crucial role in supporting our economy, our public health and our society as a whole as our national capacity is stretched to respond to this once in a century crisis. As we have previously highlighted, the United States relies on immigrants... Continue »
Eight State Attorneys General Draw Attention and File Legal Action Against Trump Effort to Raid National Guard Funds for Wall Construction The national effort against COVID-19 should be our singular focus during these trying times. Yet President Trump’s border wall obsession continues, taking away resources and personnel that could... Continue »
America’s Voice Trump Turns to Usual Xenophobic Policies to Deflect From His Major Failure to Protect Americans From Covid-19 How Immigrants Are Essential To The Country’s Response To COVID-19 Crisis Trump’s Border Wall Obsession Comes at Direct Cost to COVID-19 Containment and Response English Vox The US needs foreign... Continue »
Florida Immigrants Protest at the State Capitol in Tallahassee
On the Front Line of Virtually Every Indispensable Sector of Our Economy Immigrants always play an essential role in our economy and society. But during the COVID-19 pandemic containment and response effort, immigrants’ contributions are ever more indispensable. Below are excerpts of voices, findings and commentary exposing the fact... Continue »
Maribel Hastings y David Torres Las crisis suelen sacar lo mejor y lo peor de las personas, y en ese sentido nuestros líderes no son la excepción. Por ejemplo, mientras el coronavirus avanza a pasos agigantados contagiando y matando personas en Estados Unidos, asimismo crece el nivel de cinismo y... Continue »
America’s Voice Immigrants: Always Indispensable, Never More So Than During This Crisis Muchos muestran lo mejor de sí en medio de la pandemia, excepto el presidente English Salt Lake Tribune Undocumented ‘dreamers’ say they are needed as front-line fighters against coronavirus By Lee Davidson March 27, 2020 Black Star... Continue »
A recording of the call is available here Earlier today on a press call, a panel of experts were joined by DACA recipients to talk about the integral role that immigrants and their families are playing to safeguard America’s health and combat the COVID-19 pandemic at hand. As the... Continue »
Immigrant youth and their legal representatives are calling on the Supreme Court to consider the devastating consequences of ending DACA in light of the current COVID-19 crisis. In a letter sent to the Court today, lawyers argue terminating the protections would further undermine public health and the economy when... Continue »
But Trump is Still Attempting to Deport Frontline Workers Putting Their Lives on the Line to Protect Our Communities Wilson Wong at NBC News reports that a custodial worker for Harvard University has contracted symptoms for what could be Coronavirus. Doris Reina-Landaverde, a member of the Service Employees’ International... Continue »