America’s Voice La Ley de Modernización de la Fuerza Laboral Agrícola traza una ruta bipartidista hacia la legalización de los trabajadores del campo Farm Workforce Modernization Act Charts a Bipartisan Path to the Legalization of Farmworkers The Real Trump Record Along the Border: Failure, Cruelty, and Chaos Promoting U.S. Citizenship and the Inclusion of Immigrants… Continue »

In a column for the Washington Post, Greg Sargent of the Plum Line blog highlights the key findings of a newly-released US Immigration Policy Center report which lays out clearly the ugly and violent consequences of Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy. The report affirms one of the largest criticisms of the policy, which is that… Continue »

Today, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is set to become the first White House official to testify to Congress as part of the impeachment inquiry. Ahead of his testimony, conservative talking heads, pro-Trump allies, and some Republicans are slandering Lt. Col. Vindman, including a focus on the fact that he was born in Ukraine. Lt. Col.… Continue »

America’s Voice ICYMI: WaPo’s Greg Sargent:“The other humanitarian crisis under Trump, exposed by a new report” Frank Sharry: Attacks on Lt. Col. Vindman’s Refugee History and Patriotism “Appalling and Un-American” English Reuters U.S. Extends Protected Status for Salvadorans in U.S. by at Least a Year By Nelson Renteria October 28, 2019 Los Angeles Times Trump… Continue »

A major action to bring attention to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has begun, just days before the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments about the future of the program. Over the weekend, some 200 Dreamers, undocumented immigrants, community leaders, allies, and supporters kicked off an 18-day, 230-mile walk from… Continue »

“TPS holders and their families are not bargaining chips. They deserve a permanent solution, one that only Congress can give.” Below is statement from Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for America’s Voice, on the agreement between the U.S. and El Salvadoran governments regarding the announcement of a one-year reprieve for Salvadorans with TPS. Although there… Continue »

Virginians will head to the polls this November 5, to decide the fate of the closely contested state legislature. Polling suggests a race leaning in Democrats’ favor and the Republican response has been to turn to the same strategy that failed them in the last two election cycles.         Virginia Republican candidates have once again resorted… Continue »

Maribel Hastings y David Torres Upon seeing Donald Trump congratulate himself for the operation that resulted in the elimination of the Islamic State (ISIS) leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and referring to the horrors perpetrated by this extremist and his followers, it is inevitable to realize that terror also manifests itself in other forms motivated by… Continue »

Republicans Ignore Constitution and Big Government Concerns to Stand with Trump A Washington Post story by Nick Miroff and Arelis Hernandez, “Trump administration has acquired little of the private land in Texas it needs for border barrier,” reminds us that despite Trump’s border wall obsessions and the related enabling by congressional Republicans, the administration hasn’t… Continue »

Laurie Roberts, in a column for the Arizona Republic, details the secret deportation of Iraq combat veteran Jose Segovia Benitez calling it a disgrace and a “shameful way to say ‘thank you for your service.’” In the latest development for the Marine veteran, who was held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in 2018 and… Continue »