They have begun to kill us. That is the conclusion of anyone who has closely followed the chronicle of intimidations specifically targeting immigrants as well as the Hispanic community over the last three years. One does not have to think too hard about the difficult situation the presidential rhetoric has put us in—immigrants or not,… Continue »

Trump Will Never Change, but Will the GOP Ever Stand Up? In a new essay in The Atlantic, Adam Serwer examines the rise of white nationalism and the need for a firm, clear response, led mostly by conservatives to increasing violence – coupled with a law enforcement response – in order to counter the hate… Continue »

This is a new low:  Yesterday, Buzzfeed reported that the Justice Department sent an email to all immigration court employees that included a link to none other than VDARE, one of the worst and most vile white nationalist websites. The article linked to “directly attacks sitting immigration judges with racial and ethnically tinged slurs” —… Continue »

English The Hill (Opinion) The Memo: Dangers loom for Trump on immigration By Niall Stanage August 23, 2019 Associated Press Federal Shift May Increase Asylum Backlogs in Northeast August 22, 2019 Reuters U.S. Urges Colombia and Central America to Help Stem Migration August 22, 2019 The New York Times Trump Wants to Abolish Birthright Citizenship.… Continue »

Han empezado a matarnos. Esa es la conclusión a la que llega cualquiera que haya seguido de cerca la crónica de las intimidaciones específicamente contra una comunidad inmigrante como la hispana durante los últimos tres años. No hay que darle demasiadas vueltas a la difícil situación en la que la retórica presidencial nos ha colocado… Continue »

The news that North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has vetoed legislation that would subvert local law enforcement’s authority and force local sheriffs to act as ICE deportation agents is a positive step for pragmatic policymaking and common-sense. As Governor Cooper rightfully noted in a message accompanying his veto, “This legislation is simply about scoring partisan… Continue »

Leading Voices Denounce Trump Plan to Indefinitely Detain Kids The Trump administration’s cruel announcement to target kids and vulnerable families through indefinite detention has generated a volume of outrage from leading voices. According to Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communications for America’s Voice, “The cruelty is and always has been the point when it comes to… Continue »

“I’m so afraid of going back. We will face death,” said a Venezuelan woman who is currently in the U.S. In a heartbreaking new piece, NBC’s Gwen Aviles, tells the story of Leila Calderón, spotlighting the desperate need for protections for Venezuelans living in the U.S. Lelia came to the U.S. after she became a… Continue »

America’s Voice North Carolina Gov. Cooper’s Veto a Victory for Common-Sense Policymaking and Rejection of Divisive Partisan Fear-Mongering “There Seems to Be No Limit” To Trump’s Cruelty ICYMI: NBC News, “Families, lawmakers urge Trump administration to give TPS status to Venezuelans” English The Texas Tribune State leaders are looking for solutions after El Paso. Texas… Continue »

Seven Puerto Rican nurses and administrative employees at a Florida Health Department clinic say that their supervisors threatened to fire them for speaking Spanish with one another, according to the Associated Press. The alleged threat may be a violation of federal workplace discrimination rules. The women, who work at a clinic in Haines City, Florida,… Continue »