A recording of the call is available here.  Earlier today, policy experts and advocates discussed the newly-revealed transfer of $271 million from top-priorities such as disaster relief to pay for tremendous overspending on mass immigrant detention and funding of the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) – a striking 40 percent increase from what Congress approved for fiscal year… Continue »

“The administration’s relentless efforts to keep out and kick out immigrants is taking a toll on peoples’ lives” Beyond the abstract policy debate, the Trump administration’s assault on a functional and welcoming immigration system is taking a toll on real lives. “President Trump, Stephen Miller, and allies are dismantling every vestige they can of America’s… Continue »

The same Trump administration that is seeking to end the best-known deferred action program – DACA for Dreamers – has quietly announced the termination of all other types of non-military deferred action requests processed by USCIS. Deferred action is a form of prosecutorial discretion that says the U.S. does not intend to deport someone, usually… Continue »

By Maribel Hastings and David Torres There are some who think that the anti-immigrant climate that the United States is living, due to the rhetoric and public policies of Donald J. Trump, only affects immigrants who do not have their documents in order. Nothing could be further from reality, which has obligated us to confront… Continue »

English YubaNet Why Trump’s Push for Kids’ Indefinite Detention Would Also Mean No Accountability August 26, 2019 Associated Press Administration Ends Protection for Migrant Medical Care August 26, 2019 The Daily Beast Migrants Getting Life-Saving Medical Care No Longer Safe From Deportation By Julia Arciga August 26, 2019 Vice News ‘Literally Deporting Kids With Cancer’:… Continue »

“Every morning, 9-month-old Elizabeth wakes up and reaches across the bed to breastfeed, but her mother isn’t there.” USA Today’s Alan Gomez, Alissa Zhu, Giacomo Bologna and Rebecca Morin detail the enduring and heartbreaking consequences of the Mississippi family separation immigration raid earlier this month.  According to Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communications for America’s Voice,… Continue »

Por Maribel Hastings y David Torres Hay quienes piensan que el clima antiinmigrante que se vive en Estados Unidos debido a la retórica y las políticas públicas de Donald J. Trump solo afecta a los inmigrantes que no tienen sus documentos en regla. Nada más lejano de la realidad que nos ha obligado a enfrentar… Continue »

Leading observers continue to point out the potential harm of the Trump administration’s announcement to target kids and vulnerable families through indefinite detention.  For example, read Cornell Law professor Jaclyn Kelley-Widmer in the Washington Post recapping the details and implications of the proposed changes to Flores. The research shows long-term detention has lasting mental health… Continue »

English CBS Austin Democrats condemn Abbott fundraising letter sent day before El Paso massacre as ‘racist’ By Alexa Ura August 23, 2019 El Semanario Trump-Miller, the axis of evil By Maribel Hastings August 25, 2019 Associated Press DOJ Making Changes to Agency That Runs Immigration Courts August 23, 2019 The Washington Post New rule gives… Continue »

Over the weekend, two of the main daily papers in the United States, The New York Times and the Washington Post, dedicated front page articles to the controversial figure that is presidential advisor Stephen Miller, the principal architect of the anti-immigrant policy of the Donald Trump administration.   Nothing detailed would surprise those of us who… Continue »