America’s Voice The trigger finger of racial hatred Frank Sharry a Trump y a quienes lo secundan: Ya basta Frank Sharry to Trump and His Enablers: Just Stop El Paso Leaders Condemn Terrorist Attack by White Nationalist, Call Out Trump for Fueling Racism and Inspiring Violence English Dallas News Democrats say anti-Hispanic tone set by… Continue »

El racismo y el prejuicio incitan a la violencia. Ese es un hecho a partir del que este país puede dictar cátedra con base en su turbia historia de esclavitud, segregación, linchamientos, persecuciones, falsas acusaciones, discriminación contra diversos grupos étnicos y, ahora, con un presidente que explota ese racismo como arma política y electoral. Los… Continue »

What have the 2020 candidates said about immigration during the debates? On this blog, we’ll be posting video compilations of what the Democratic candidates are saying about DACA, asylum, migrant families, and all things immigration when they’re on the debate stage. Also check out what we’ve written on the 2020 Democratic candidates’ immigration plans, and… Continue »

“The Grand Old Party is now unrecognizable as anything but a personality cult headed towards disaster.” As Donald Trump barnstormed the country again with racist rants and lies about immigrants aimed at pitting Americans against Americans, the moral collapse of the Republican Party came into sharper focus yesterday with two key developments. Rep. Will Hurd… Continue »

After Another Week of Trump’s Racist Rants and GOP Moral Collapse, We Cannot Look Away As Trump continues to play with the fire of racial incitement, Michael Gerson of the Washington Post writes that complacency in the face of this dangerous descent is not an option. Gerson’s column in excerpted below and available in full… Continue »

America’s Voice Hurd and Graham Illustrate the Moral Collapse of Republicans Under Trump Michael Gerson: “Such racism indicts Trump. Treating racism as a typical or minor matter indicts us.” English McClatchy Democrats blast SC’s Lindsey Graham as GOP pushes ahead on bill to curb asylum seekers By Emma Dumain August 01, 2019 The New York… Continue »

As the U.S. political spectacle to retain or take back the White House in 2020 advances, the topic of racism winds itself through all aspects of national life. It should not be taken lightly that its use as an electoral weapon has emanated from the presidential institution itself, when in 2015-2016 it proved its efficacy… Continue »

Decision on Syria is Cruel & a Sign of the Moral Collapse of the Republican Party Under President Trump Today, the Department of Homeland Security made its decision to extend, but not redesignate, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Syria. This is a failure to recognize the extent of the ongoing civil war in Syria and… Continue »

Conforme avanza el espectáculo político estadounidense por retener o arrebatar la Casa Blanca en 2020, el tema del racismo serpentea ya en todos los ámbitos de la vida nacional. No es gratuito que su uso como arma electoral haya emanado de la propia institución presidencial, pues en 2015-2016 probó su eficacia en un momento en… Continue »

Senate Judiciary Committee Gears Up for First Immigration Bill Markup Since 2013’s Bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill Moving from a courageous champion of bipartisan immigration reform to a willing acolyte of the most xenophobic, blatantly racist and anti-immigrant president in modern American history, it’s been quite a journey for Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Today, the Senate… Continue »