“Can the Trump administration sink any lower than threatening to deport sick kids?” Last night, Rachel Maddow lifted up the story of Isabel Bueso and the Trump administration’s cruel plan to deport her to her death. This is part of a secretive new policy to end grants of medical... Continue »
The following is a statement from Ur Jaddou, Director of DHS Watch, regarding the Trump administration’s new citizenship policy:  The Trump administration just issued a new policy that will make it harder for some children of U.S. citizens born abroad to obtain citizenship, including those serving our country through... Continue »
“…this was a month of relentless anti-immigrant and anti-immigration cruelty, even by the standards of  this administration. All of it came as our fellow Americans in El Paso buried their dead…” The month of August began with a devastating act of violence, as a terrorist targeting immigrants and Latinos... Continue »
Spanish El Latino de Hoy ‘Tomen los terrenos’: Trump presiona a sus colaboradores para construir el muro fronterizo By Katie Rogers y Zolan Kanno-Youngs August 30, 2019 El Latino de Hoy Paperas enferman a centenares de inmigrantes detenidos August 30, 2019 La Opinión De cara al Censo 2020 By... Continue »
“Trump may believe he is the chosen one, but these numbers don’t lie.” President Trump clearly believes immigration should be the central issue in his reelection strategy. Stephen Miller clearly concurs. And many pundits seem to agree, believing Trump must have some special insight into the electorate on the... Continue »
Maribel Hastings San Juan, Puerto Rico – Wow. Another day for Donald Trump to exude lies and stupidities. Will it ever end? The former is a play on the cretinous Tweet from Trump earlier this week when asking if atmospheric phenomena will ever stop. He said: “Wow! Yet another... Continue »
English Axios Trump to make it harder for children born overseas to become citizens By Stef W. Knight August 28, 2019 The Hill Trump reignites Puerto Rico feud amid Hurricane Dorian By Brett Samuels and Rafael Bernal August 28, 2019 El Semanario (Opinion) Hispanics In The Face Of A... Continue »
San Juan, Puerto Rico – Wow. Otro día para que Donald Trump destile mentiras y estupideces. ¿Terminará algún día? La anterior es una variante del cretino tuit de Trump ayer al preguntarse si los fenómenos atmosféricos terminarán algún día cuando dijo: “Wow. Otra gran tormenta se avecina a Puerto Rico.... Continue »
On the eve of Hurricane Dorian’s touchdown in Puerto Rico and potentially Florida, Trump is hellbent on circumventing Congress to endanger more lives, transferring $271 million from FEMA, TSA, and the Coast Guard to accelerate his mass detention and deportation policies and threaten the lives and safety of Americans. ... Continue »
English San Antonio Express-News (Editorial) Texas domestic terrorism task force is a good start. But important voices are missing. August 28, 2019 Crooked (Op-Ed) WE NEED MORE SANCTUARY CITIES By Julissa Arce August 27, 2019 Associated Press US Moves FEMA, Coast Guard Money to Fund Border Programs August 27,... Continue »