Alex Daugherty at the Miami Herald reports that yesterday, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus revealed legislation that will grant Dreamers, TPS and DED holders paths to citizenship in a combined bill. Unveiled before a Congressional hearing for the House Committee on the Judiciary, the bill be a much needed reprieve... Continue »
“Yesterday was an alarming combination of outright lies, willful ignorance and jaw-dropping incompetence.” On Wednesday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified before the House Homeland Security Committee. Remarkably, she used her appearance to deny the existence and details of the Trump Administration family separation policy. Evidently, she doesn’t care... Continue »
De todas las negaciones que hizo la secretaria del DHS, Kirstjen Nielsen, durante su comparecencia ante el Comité de Seguridad Nacional de la Cámara de Representantes, la más evidente fue la de decir que “no eran jaulas” los lugares donde, aterrados, eran colocados los menores migrantes separados de sus... Continue »
America’s Voice The Vicious Cycle of Lies, Failures, Cruelty and Hypocrisy That Define Trump’s Immigration Strategy La secretaria Nielsen debe renunciar The “cages” of immorality in migration ICYMI: Miami Herald: House Democrats tie DACA and TPS together in latest immigration push Secretary Nielsen Must Resign Las ‘jaulas’ de la... Continue »
CALL YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS: PASS THE DREAM ACT & PASS TPS PROTECTIONS FOR MILLIONS OF LONGTIME IMMIGRANTS LIVING IN THE U.S. CALL (202) 224-3121 See resources: BLOG: What is a Dreamer? BLOG: What is temporary protected status (TPS)? VIDEO: See more recent content from Dream/TPS month: Continue »
The Trump administration is touting reports of a surge in border apprehensions of Central American families and children seeking asylum as evidence for the President’s emergency declaration to build his wall.  This comes in advance of a potentially embarrassing Senate vote to revoke the President’s declaration. The narrow focus... Continue »
If you listened to DHS officials and multiple reports in the last couple days, you might believe there is an unprecedented surge of migration at the southwest border.  Reality, facts, and data show otherwise. While there is a steadily changing demographic of the population seeking to enter the United... Continue »
America’s Voice When It Comes to Families Seeking Asylum, Trump Once Again Builds Up Hysterical Wall Politics as He Tears Down Policies that Would Solve Root Causes in Central America Manufacturing Border Hysteria; The Facts Show Otherwise English The Hill Border apprehensions spike in February By Rafael Bernal March... Continue »
Read piece here Austin, TX –  In an opinion piece published by the Houston Chronicle opinion editor Michael A. Lindenberger, he notes that inaction is now set to define Sen. John Cornyn’s legacy. Sen. Cornyn has now confirmed that he will vote “no” on a resolution that would cancel... Continue »
How the Trump Admin has Abandoned Policies and Ignored Deterioration of Central American Governments at the Root of Problem Reports in today’s Washington Post and on NPR use preliminary, unreleased numbers from the Trump Administration to claim that there is an unprecedented increase in unauthorized or illegal entry into... Continue »