Ahead of this week’s Senate vote on the resolution to block Trump’s unconstitutional emergency declaration, the Trump administration has been relying on a vicious cycle of circular logic and lies to attempt to justify that there’s a crisis that only a border wall will fix. Despite the impending congressional... Continue »
WASHINGTON, DC – A menos que fuerzas mayores lo impidan, Donald J. Trump se apresta a buscar su reelección en los comicios generales de 2020. Y también a menos que fuerzas mayores lo impidan, se supone que, en teoría, los demócratas pudieran dar una buena batalla que asegure que Trump se... Continue »
Today, America’s Voice launched a new digital advertising campaign uplifting bipartisan voices against Trump’s border wall and urging Americans to call their Senators and ask them to vote yes on a resolution that will revoke Trump’s national emergency declaration. The ads urge constituents to call Senators Cory Gardner (R-CO),... Continue »
America’s Voice Federal Court Expands Family Separation Class Finding that Trump Administration Separated Families Long Before Zero Tolerance Policy Dream & Promise Act: An Affirmative Step Towards Recognizing Immigrants for the Americans They Already Are A Humanitarian Crisis the Trump Administration Worsened: Wash Post Editorial Slams Lack of US... Continue »
Over the past week, we’ve seen new levels of hypocrisy from the Trump administration and congressional Republicans, as they bend over backwards to embrace Trump’s draconian immigration vision and the unpopular and unconstitutional power grab emergency declaration. According to Douglas Rivlin, Communications Director of America’s Voice, “The President’s brand... Continue »
“I’ll protect you” In his latest piece for The Atlantic, Ronald Brownstein looks at Trump’s recent CPAC speech, identifying the dark phrase, “I’ll protect you,” as an encapsulation of his likely 2020 re-election message. Brownstein also recognizes that while the relentless and ugly focus on xenophobia may rally the... Continue »
America’s Voice What’s Wrong With this Picture? DHS Lies, ICE Under Investigation, Journalists Under Surveillance, and Money Taken from Soldiers’ Pay and Pensions ICYMI: Ronald Brownstein: “Trump Settles on His Reelection Message” English Politico Fearing mass GOP defections, Trump leans in to emergency fight By Burgess Everett and Eliana... Continue »
As usual when it comes to immigration, the Trump administration’s lies, incompetence, cruelty and hypocrisy are caught in a vicious cycle of circular logic and cynicism that needs to be unpacked. Take their focus on the border and the families and young people fleeing violence and instability in Central... Continue »
“Ayer tuvo lugar una combinación de mentiras descaradas, ignorancia rampante e incompetencia sorprendente” El miércoles, la secretaria del DHS, Kirstjen Nielsen, testificó ante el Comité de Seguridad Nacional del Congreso. Sorprendentemente, utilizó su comparecencia para negar la existencia y los detalles de la política de separación de familias del... Continue »
Out of all of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s denials during her appearance before the House Homeland Security Committee, the most obvious was her statement that the places where terrified migrant children were held after crossing the border and being separated from their parents “are not cages.” It was, without... Continue »