This week and last, revelations shed additional light on the Trump administration’s cruelty, incompetence and cover up with regards to its immigrant family separation policy. Details in oversight hearings point to official deception that hides the destructive policies of the Trump Administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agencies —... Continue »
Puede ser que el testimonio del exabogado de Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, ante un panel cameral del Congreso no cambie las posturas de mucha gente. Los que ya piensan que, como dijo Cohen, Trump es un “racista, timador y mentiroso”, seguirán pensándolo; y quienes lo defienden ciegamente, como los republicanos... Continue »
America’s Voice Sec. Nielsen to Face Committee Hearing on ICE and CBP’s Continued Cruelty, Incompetence and Cover Up Regarding Family Separation La complicidad con Trump aniquila al Partido Republicano English The Washington Post Surprise GOP tactical win in House exposes divisions in Democratic leadership By Mike DeBonis February 27,... Continue »
Originally published November 15, 2019 The ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, also known as the  Migration Protection Protocols (MPP, its official name), is a Trump Administration migration change that is undermining our asylum laws and endangering migrant children and families. In the last three years, the Trump Administration has made... Continue »
Yesterday, the House Judiciary Committee held an oversight hearing on Trump’s family separation policy with key government witnesses from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Border Patrol, Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR), and Health and Human Services (HHS).  Despite serious and lasting harm in separating children, key officials admitted... Continue »
WASHINGTON, DC –  While in Hollywood the Oscars seemed to be taking baby steps to try to celebrate the diversity of this country and the world, here in Washington–aka “Hollywood for ugly people”–all attention is on the wall that our president insists on building along the border with Mexico,... Continue »
Yesterday’s House vote in favor of a resolution blocking President Trump’s unconstitutional, unpopular, and entirely fake national emergency was a sharp rebuke to Trump that sets up the resolution for Senate passage and amps up pressure on Senate Republicans to do the right thing. As America’s Voice Deputy Director... Continue »
As Michael Cohen testifies today and lawmakers focus on the Trump family criminality, the ongoing Trump Organization multi-state criminal enterprise that involves the hiring, manipulation, abuse and exploitation of undocumented workers should be addressed. It is a crime occurring right before our eyes and as Mr. Cohen speaks to... Continue »
America’s Voice What We Learned and Still Don’t Know Following Yesterday’s Hearing on Trump Family Separation Policy Let the seed of tolerance germinate Pressure Amps Up on Senate GOP to Stand Up for Constitution, Pass the Resolution, and Get Back to Real Work As Cohen Testifies, A Reminder of... Continue »
A continuación compartimos un comunicado de Pili Tobar, Subdirectora de America’s Voice, sobre la aprobación en la Cámara de Representantes de una resolución para acabar con la declaración de la “emergencia nacional” en la frontera: La Cámara de Representantes dio hoy una dura lección a la anticonstitucional, impopular y... Continue »