Parece bastante probable que el presidente Trump declare “una emergencia nacional” como pretexto para tomar fondos militares y destinarlos a su muro fronterizo. A continuación compartimos un comunicado de Frank Sharry, Director Ejecutivo de America’s Voice, en respuesta: Hay una emergencia nacional y se llama Presidencia de Donald Trump. Un presidente impopular que ha estado utilizando… Continue »

Yesterday, Haitian immigrants with Temporary Protected Status (TPS), attorneys, and community allies told a federal judge that Trump administration’s termination of Haitian TPS was founded in discrimination against people of color and immigrants. Plaintiffs argue that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) disregarded clear evidence of housing and food insecurity in Haiti and ended humanitarian… Continue »

It seems increasingly likely that President Trump will declare “a national emergency” as a pretext to seize military funding for his border wall. The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice in response. There is a national emergency and it is called the presidency of Donald Trump. An unpopular President… Continue »

America’s Voice What is a National Emergency? And Why Trump’s Threat to Declare One is a Racist Political Stunt Trump’s Manufactured “National Emergency” “Hay una emergencia nacional y se llama Presidencia de Donald Trump” ICYMI: First Day Of New Trial Further Exposes Trump’s Racism in Ending TPS for 59,000 Haitians “There is a national emergency… Continue »

A pesar de todo el optimismo generado por el ascenso demócrata al control de la Cámara de Representantes, el nuevo año 2019 comienza con las viejas malas costumbres y la demagogia del presidente Donald Trump, quien provocó el cierre del gobierno federal por una crisis fronteriza fabricada por él mismo para complacer su ego y… Continue »

Federal trial begins to protect more than 50,000 Haitian immigrants and their families from losing immigration status Brooklyn, NY — Haitian immigrants affected by the Trump administration’s termination of Temporary Protected Status (TPS), along with Haitian community members, elected officials, faith and labor leaders and immigration advocates spoke out about the importance and possible impact of… Continue »

If your head hurts and the government shutdown over a border wall strikes you as the theatre of the absurd, you are not alone. As much as Trump and his enablers put on straight faces and make serious-sounding arguments, this entire exercise has to do with Trump’s political brand, not public policy. As a New… Continue »

Families Prepare For Their Temporary Protected Status To Expire and Subsequent Forced Deportation If Congress Does Not Act In an article for the New York Times, Julie Scharper gives voice to the uncertainty and worry of Ruth Ayala and Tomas Guevara, Temporary Protected Status holders whose legal status was terminated by the Trump administration last… Continue »

America’s Voice El cierre del gobierno augura una guerra sin cuartel Outside Federal Court, Haitian Immigrants and Allies Decry “Racist” Trump End of TPS at Start of Federal Trial to Halt Possible Deportations From a Memory Device to a Racist Rally Chant to a Damaging Government Shutdown, Trump’s Border Wall Has Never Been About Policy… Continue »

English The Atlantic (Opinion) Why the New Democratic Majority Could Work Better Than the Last By RONALD BROWNSTEIN January 03, 2019 Wall Street Journal House Passes Spending Package in Bid to End Shutdown By Kristina Peterson January 04, 2019 USA Today House OK’s spending bills to reopen government, but shutdown expected to continue By Michael… Continue »