Just days after ending the longest-ever government shutdown, Donald Trump is once again threatening to shut down the federal government or declare a national emergency in order to extract funds for his unnecessary border wall. Both tactics are widely unpopular and it is unclear whether either will result in... Continue »
La evidencia está a la vista: la Organización Trump, como miles de empresas en todo Estados Unidos, también habría contratado inmigrantes indocumentados, reproduciendo de este modo una fórmula bastante conocida, por ventajosa, de beneficio económico en la cultura empresarial de este país, al hacer uso de mano de obra... Continue »
It is increasingly obvious that President Trump is the only who believes that the number one security crisis facing the United States is immigration at our southern border.  Everyone else — including his own senior national security advisors – think the President is wrong. The President’s national security team... Continue »
Trump turns every day more into a one-note president obsessed with building a wall at our southern border, several recent polls demonstrate that voters now trust Democrats more than Trump and Republicans on border security issues. In fact, under Trump, the country as a whole has become more pro-immigrant... Continue »
America’s Voice 9 Members of Congress Represent the Southern Border, None Support the Trump’s Unnecessary Wall Ser antiinmigrante… y contratar indocumentados The Wall Between President Trump and His National Security Team The More Trump Talks About the Border, the Less Americans Are Trusting Him or Larger Anti-Immigrant Worldview Stephen... Continue »
Union President James Boland Discusses Detrimental Impacts of Administration’s Termination of TPS In a new video for NowThis, James Boland, President of the International Union for Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers and member of Working Families United, discusses the devastating impacts of the Trump administration’s termination of Temporary Protected Status... Continue »
Polling released this week from Quinnipiac and Washington Post/ABC underscore the ongoing damage to Trump and the GOP over their continued obsession with the border wall. As Trump’s overall approval ratings decline, more Americans now trust congressional Democrats to handle border security issues than Trump and the country overwhelmingly... Continue »
David Leopold: “The pattern of behavior is criminal and the hypocrisy from Trump is unfathomable.” Workers from Trump Organization golf clubs in New York and New Jersey have made it clear in interviews — and meetings with lawmakers in Washington —  that the Trump Organization has engaged in a... Continue »
In Sarah Stillman’s harrowing new piece for The New Yorker, she tells the story of a Honduran mother on a desperate quest to reunify with her toddler after falling victim to the cruel family separation policy of the Trump administration.   Mother and daughter were just reunited in the... Continue »
The 2018 midterms were a momentous win for Democrats across the nation, and could not have been done without Latino turnout. A new McClatchy article by Katie Irby delves into the “push factors” getting Latino voters to the polls, including Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, and whether or not the same... Continue »