America’s Voice La crisis fronteriza creada por Trump es el síntoma de una política fallida PHOTOS: Over Thanksgiving, Border Patrol Agents Tear-Gassed Children and Families at the Border Albert Hunt: “Hoist a Glass, Democrats. Demographic Destiny Is Back.” Trump’s Manufactured Border Crisis a Symptom of a Failed Policy English Forbes Trump Labor Dept. To Use… Continue »

In his newest column for HuffPost, Juan Escalante, Communications Manager for America’s Voice, urges Democrats during this lame duck session to demand a permanent, legislative solution for Dreamers and TPS holders. He insists that Democrats must prioritize Dreamers and TPS holders during the inevitable shutdown fight over Trump’s border wall. Escalante’s piece is excerpted below… Continue »

America’s Voice Juan Escalante, “Dreamers Like Me Need Democrats To Put Immigration Back On The Table Now, Not Later” Federal Judge Strongly Rebukes Another Trump Administration Attempt to Use Executive Power To Change Asylum Law Duly Enacted by Congress English The Hill The Memo: Trump’s immigration hawks grapple with new court blow By NIALL STANAGE… Continue »

In a forceful ruling issued this week, a federal judge blocked the Trump administration’s attempt to use executive power to change asylum law duly enacted by Congress.  This ruling temporarily enjoins a joint emergency regulation issued earlier this month by the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security to unlawfully deprive people who do not arrive… Continue »

A Complex Situation Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach As a federal judge in San Francisco blocks the Trump administration’s asylum ban and DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen lies that migrants are rushing the border, it is time for America to deal realistically and responsibly to the challenge of refugees and migrants leaving Central America. According to Frank… Continue »

A recording of the call is available here. On a press call earlier today, Rep-elect Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (FL-26) and immigration advocates announced a letter signed by 300+ organizations urging the upcoming Democratically-controlled House of Representatives to pass and send to the Senate stand alone, clean legislation that would provide a path to citizenship for Dreamers… Continue »

Deep Dive Polling Shows Why His Immigration Closing Argument Backfired Michelangelo Signorile pens a powerful piece for HuffPost entitled, “Donald Trump Is Losing, And He Knows It” (excerpts below): Trump and certainly his political aides must see that his greatest campaign weapon ― viciously assaulting immigrants and people of color with racist rhetoric and actions… Continue »

America’s Voice Trump is Failing at the Border Because His Strategy Is Simplistic and Wrong-headed 300+ Groups Call on New Democratic House to Prioritize TPS & Dream Legislation Within 100 Days of New Congress “Donald Trump Is Losing, And He Knows It” English Cronkite News Advocates urge troop withdrawal; DHS repeats need to ‘harden’ border… Continue »

WASHINGTON, DC – Las circunstancias que rodean este Día de Acción de Gracias 2018 son más alentadoras que las del año pasado, solo políticamente hablando. Aunque Donald Trump es presidente, el año entrante ya no tendrá su sello de goma personal en la Cámara de Representantes, que desde enero será de mayoría demócrata. Y digo que… Continue »

anti-immigrant militias detain immigrants

A recording of the call is available here. Earlier today veterans and national security experts gathered on a press call to call on the Trump administration to bring our troops home from their deployment at the border. Below are quotes from today’s speakers Retired Major General, Peter S. Cooke: I don’t think that it should… Continue »