America’s Voice 60 Minutes Report Recaps Horrifying Details of Trump’s Family Separation Policy Trump Still Believes a Wasteful Border Wall Is Good Politics English La Opinión Número de inmigrantes indocumentados en nivel más bajo desde 2004, dice informe Pew By María Peña November 27, 2018 Associated Press Report: Number... Continue »
Over Thanksgiving weekend In Durham, North Carolina, two dozen members of CityWell United Methodist Church were arrested after attempting to prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from detaining Samuel Oliver-Bruno, who had taken sanctuary in the church eleven months earlier.   Oliver-Bruno, a 47-year-old father whose 19-year-old son, Daniel,... Continue »
A Positive Way Forward Exists, Yet Trump Has Dismantled the Current System Since the beginning of the Trump presidency, Trump and his administration have tried multiple cruel and hard-line approaches to addressing the challenge of Central American migration. The Trump administration has cruelly separated families, is doing everything it... Continue »
anti-immigrant militias detain immigrants
Trump’s Election Mode of Divide and Distract Continues Unabated The chaos we are witnessing at the border is directly attributable to the choices of the Trump White House to dismantle proven approaches and processes and to stoke fears and escalate a crisis. While Trump and company may view the... Continue »
El largo camino de la caravana de migrantes hondureños ha dejado al descubierto diversas realidades a su paso. Como una especie de imán visual en movimiento, con un punto de partida y otro de llegada, ha atraído en relativamente poco tiempo todo aquello contra lo que anteriores generaciones lucharon durante... Continue »
America’s Voice ICE Arrests North Carolina Man Who Had Been in Sanctuary; 27 Faith Allies Arrested During Protest Instead of an Effective, Safe and Humane Solution to the Caravan, Trump Has Created Chaos Five Ways President Trump Manufactured the Chaos and Crisis at the Border Caravana entre dos fuegos:... Continue »
El presidente Trump y sus asesores consideran el alarmismo en torno a la caravana y la seguridad fronteriza como una forma de alterar la cobertura noticiosa, beneficiarse políticamente de ello y justificar cambios de política pública aún más radicales. Pero no se puede negar el hecho de que su... Continue »
‘These children are barefoot. In diapers. Choking on tear gas,’ read one headline in the Washington Post by Tim Elfrink and Fred Barbash. Over Thanksgiving weekend, U.S. CBP agents fired tear gas at a group of migrants — including many small children and babies — seeking asylum in the... Continue »
Is the GOP headed for extinction? In a new column for Bloomberg, Al Hunt highlights the critical role minority voters played in this year’s midterm elections. Hunt’s piece is excerpted below and available online here. Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in the midterm election this month... Continue »
President Trump and his advisors see fear-mongering over the caravan and border security as a way to change the news cycle, benefit politically, and to justify even more sweeping and radical policy changes. But there’s no escaping the fact that his hardline deterrence approach has failed and is doomed... Continue »