Organizers have pulled down 36 of these fliers today alone in Dallas. This fear-mongering and hatred is not who we are as Texans. We encourage all Texans to pull down and ignore these fliers, and instead work to make our state a more compassionate and welcoming place. Continue »
A Is For America podcast
*** * Today, we’re publishing a very special election-eve episode of our podcast with Ed Espinoza, the Executive Director of Progress Texas, who spoke about new American voters in Texas, record early voting turnout, and the Senate campaign of Beto O’Rourke. (Interview begins at 4:45.) Early voting records have... Continue »
TOMORROW is Election Day, and all signs point to a historic midterm election where tens of millions of early votes have already been cast and turnout in some places is rivaling that of 2016 election. In the last weekend before the election, we saw tens of thousands of volunteers... Continue »
More than 30 million Americans have cast early ballots ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections, eclipsing the 2014 early totals nationally and suggesting a high overall turnout for contests that could define the final two years of President Donald Trump’s term. At least 28 states have surpassed their 2014 early... Continue »
Election Day is (finally) here! It is time we hold our elected officials accountable and elect representatives that stand for us and our values. There is so much at stake in this year’s election. From breathing cleaner air, to ensuring that family members have access to health care, to... Continue »
“Is there any empirical data that Trump’s nativist, race baiting close to the campaign is actually a strategically smart move?” President Trump and the GOP’s closing electoral argument — that the strongest nation on earth should cower in fear of immigrants — is both desperate and racist. The press... Continue »
English The Guardian Trump ally Kris Kobach accepted donations from white nationalists By Stephanie Kirchgaessner November 05, 2013 Boston Herald Analysis: GOP using asylum to sway elections By Kimberly Atkins November 03, 2013 Associated Press Trump targets citizenship, stokes pre-election migrant fears By Catherine Lucey, Jill Colvin and Colleen... Continue »
Welcome to our 2018 election liveblog! Tune in starting Monday, November 5 as we post updates on voter turnout, election records, predictions, forecasts, results, and more.   Latino Decisions polling  | Arizona results |  California results  |  Florida results  | Georgia results |  Nevada results  | Texas results * A few key takeaways... Continue »
A recording of the call is here. Today marks DHS’ scheduled date for the termination of TPS for Sudan which has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge. In light of this, and ongoing developments in the lawsuit Ramos v. Nielsen that have temporarily extended TPS protections for Sudan,... Continue »
 En la película Wag the Dog, estrategas de la Casa Blanca se inventan una guerra fabricada por un cineasta para distraer a los estadounidenses de un escándalo sexual que enfrentaba el presidente, justo antes de una elección. La ficción, por supuesto, ha sido siempre parte de la realidad estadounidense. Y viceversa.... Continue »