Republicans, led by Trump, have made attacks on immigrants the central focus of their closing argument in 2018. Negative ads on immigration are being run by GOP organizations including the NRSC, NRCC, and RGA, and superPACS like CLF, SLF and America First. America’s Voice has compiled a database of... Continue »
(Spanish version follows below) This year, in many states, Republicans have used racist ads to fire up their base up for the upcoming midterm elections. In others, voting suppression continues to be a big problem, like in Dodge City, Kansas, a Latinx-majority city, where the only polling location was... Continue »
America’s Voice After Last Week’s Violence, Republicans Run Ads Stoking Fear of the Caravan New Americans And Latinos In California Have The Power To Change The Direction Of The Country In The Midterm Elections English CNN Trump’s immigration moves are ‘dangerous’ political stunts, advocates say By Catherine E. Shoichet... Continue »
Brian Kemp is currently Georgia’s Secretary of State and the Republican candidate for governor.  He has spent his time as Secretary of State making it more difficult to vote and is one of the worst anti-immigrant candidates running in the 2018 midterms. Fully embracing the divide and distract strategy... Continue »
The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: President Trump remains undeterred and unrestrained in his attempts to stoke hate and spread racial terror — all in service of scoring political points and competing in the midterms. He will let nothing stand in the... Continue »
America’s Voice Frank Sharry: Trump is Undeterred, Unrestrained and Desperate English USA Today Pentagon to deploy 5,200 active duty troops to U.S.-Mexico border to halt migrant caravan By Alan Gomez and Bart Jansen October 29, 2018 Washington Times 5,200 active-duty troops deployed to border ahead of migrant caravan By... Continue »
Republicans, led by Trump, have been working to make the caravan of migrants seeking asylum a top political story, believing it will rally their base. Over the weekend, that story was entwined with the horrific massacre at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. The alleged shooter had been ranting about the... Continue »
“Está arrojando más leña al fuego. Una vez más” Compartimos a continuación un comunicado de Frank Sharry, Director Ejecutivo de America’s Voice: En un momento en que nuestra nación está siendo dividida y amenazada por el terrorismo doméstico inspirado en el odio, el presidente de Estados Unidos debería unirnos,... Continue »
WASHINGTON, DC – El presidente Donald Trump denuncia el antisemitismo y habla de unidad, al tiempo que afirma que la prensa es la culpable de la atmósfera divisiva y violenta imperante. Sus denuncias son huecas y sus llamados a la unidad y responsabilizar a la prensa de la toxicidad que... Continue »
“He’s Throwing a Match on the Kindling. Once Again.” The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: At a time when our nation is being ripped apart and threatened by hate-inspired domestic terrorism, the President of the United States should be bringing our nation... Continue »