Conforme transcurren los días en que los autoelogios presidenciales que emanan de la Casa Blanca son ya inevitables, pasando a formar parte del catálogo de cosas que en su sano juicio no debería hacer un mandatario que se respete, la historia continúa su rumbo sin que la perturbe el nuevo rostro que ha adoptado la… Continue »

Using a uniquely broad authority – certification – to unilaterally reconsider cases already reviewed by non-politically appointed judges and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), Attorney General Sessions issued a decision yesterday that once again limits the independence of immigration judges by narrowing the circumstances under which they may terminate certain cases before them. He… Continue »

Cruz Part Of Cookie-Cutter National GOP Ad-Campaign Demonizing Immigrants AUSTIN, TX – Ted Cruz is running an inflammatory campaign ad that attempts to portray immigrants as violent criminals while pushing his anti-immigrant agenda. This is an update to another Cruz ad that first appeared this summer and is similar to other Republican ads this cycle… Continue »

Anger matters, But Voter Mobilization Matters More In an article for Vox, Li Zhou interviews political science experts regarding the challenge of mobilizing Latino voters. Recent polling shows that voters are angry with Trump and his administration for his cruelty regarding immigration policies, but that does not mean they will show up to vote. The… Continue »

In a new piece for Politico, Ted Hesson takes a hard look at USCIS Director Lee Francis Cissna, who has been quietly but aggressively carrying out Trump’s immigration policies and serving as an integral part of the administration’s plan to turn the admissions and benefits arm of the immigration system into an enforcement-focused component. Meet… Continue »

America’s Voice Sessions Again Limits Independence of Immigration Judges and Signals His Intent to Increase Detention of Asylum Seekers Lyin’ Ted Goes Racist in Latest Ad Against Immigrants Vox: “9 experts warn that Latino dislike of Trump may not translate into midterm turnout” ICYMI: Politico: “The Man Behind Trump’s ‘Invisible Wall’” English Politico Magazine The… Continue »

Kris Kobach’s gubernatorial campaign has suffered continuous negative hits in the weeks following his controversial and razor thin victory in the Republican primary.  Most recently, his campaign has been dogged by reports of factual inaccuracies and scrutiny of his anti-immigrant policies. In addition, dozens of prominent current and former Republican elected officials endorsing Kobach’s Democratic… Continue »

A Long-term Border Patrol Agent Accused of Being a Serial Killer is the Latest Example of an Agency in Need of an Overhaul The Associated Press recently reported that a ten-year U.S. Border Patrol agent and “supervisor was charged Saturday with murder in the deaths of four female sex workers following what authorities called a… Continue »

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Leading editorial boards and expert observers are condemning the Trump administration’s announcement that it would slash the annual refugee resettlement ceiling to just 30,000. Below are excerpts from pieces penned by the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Daily News and the International Crisis Group. The Washington Post editorial board: “The Trump administration gives… Continue »

America’s Voice Glaring Need for Robust Structures of Accountability and Hiring at CBP Editorial boards and experts: slashing of refugee admissions “gives the world one more reason to lose faith in America” English Cronkite News Protesters walk out of hearing on rules for holding immigrant youth By Vandana Ravikumar September 18, 2018 Reuters U.N. Refugee… Continue »