As a result of the cruelty and incompetence that embodies the ongoing family separation crisis: DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen should resign. Under her watch, DHS performed state-sanctioned kidnapping, ripping children away from their parents arms and exposing them to inhumane living conditions and child abuse. After launching complete chaos, Nielsen abdicated all qualities of leadership… Continue »

White House Advisor Stephen Miller Has Consolidated His Control of the Refugee, Asylum and Immigration Agenda Today, Julie Hirschfeld Davis of the New York Times reports that Stephen Miller is in the driver’s seat, as the White House prepares to sharply reduce the number of refugees resettled in America — to the lowest levels in… Continue »

The Department of Defense is currently in the process of preparing to shelter as many as 20,000 immigrants and asylum seekers, including children, on a military bases in Texas and Arkansas. In opposition, nearly two dozen retired General and Flag Officers signed a letter expressing serious concern that diverting critical military resources to house thousands… Continue »

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English USA Today Immigrant family separations are over. Now what? By Alan Gomez July 31, 2018 Las Vegas Sun Undocumented immigrants brought to U.S. as children still dreaming of citizenship By Camalot Todd July 31, 2018 Associated Press Official says agency warned family separation bad for kids By ALAN FRAM August 01, 2018 New York… Continue »