One Month After Court’s Reunification Deadline, Some 500 Children Remain Separated According to yesterday’s report to the federal judge overseeing the reunification of parents and children separated under Trump’s family separation policy — one month after the court-imposed deadline — 497 children remain separated, including 22 under the age... Continue »
TPS Expiration Date for Nicaragua: 1/5/2019 Recent emails released as a result of an ongoing lawsuit between Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders and the Trump administration reveal the true processes of terminating TPS for Nicaragua. Dara Lind reports that after a meeting with the White House, DHS officials learned... Continue »
Millions of Dollars in New Attack Ads By GOP Leadership Allies Underscores Republican Midterm Strategy: Focus on Demonizing “The Other” to Keep Focus off the GOP’s Failure to Help “All of Us” With the midterm cycle set to kick into higher gear after Labor Day, we have more disturbing... Continue »
Eugene Robinson on Denial of Passports to Mexican-Americans in South Texas: “vile, unadulterated racism” Kevin Sieff of the Washington Post exposed the latest Trump administration push to criminalize people of color and immigrants, even if they are U.S. citizens. The outrage in response has been nationwide and palpable. Below,... Continue »
The New York Times lead editorial board today decries the fact that 497 children — 22 of whom are under the age of 5 — remain separated from their families. The Editorial is excerpted below and available in full here. “I didn’t like the sight or the feeling of... Continue »
Para nadie ha pasado inadvertida la orden que tuvo a bien dejar establecida el senador John McCain para que el actual presidente de Estados Unidos no participara en su funeral. Es tan evidente la vergonzosa y merecida situación de ridículo en la que ha quedado el mandatario a nivel nacional... Continue »
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English YubaNet Senator Schatz: “They Are Coming After Americans Now” August 30, 2018 Washington Post Democratic lawmakers call for hearings into denial of passports to Americans By Kevin Sieff and Gabriel Pogrund August 30, 2018 The Hill Dem warns US immigration officials who are ‘just following’ Trump’s orders on... Continue »
A Is For America podcast
*** * On this week’s episode of “A is for America”, we spoke with Drew Galloway, the executive director of MOVE Texas, a voter engagement and community organizing group that is mobilizing Texans — especially young Texans — during this crucial midterm year. Drew and our Texas State Director... Continue »
Stripping U.S. citizenship from people born along the border will undermine the future of civic participation in Texas As reported yesterday in the Washington Post, the Trump Administration has been steadily denying passports to people who were born along the Texas-Mexico border but who have U.S. birth certificates and... Continue »
The last 48 hours in Iowa: – Iowans received prerecorded calls stating that #MollieTibbetts would’ve wanted undocumented immigrants killed. – Today, this message appeared on the road acrossed a predominately Latino trailer park in Des Moines. WE ARE NOT SAFE! Continue »