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In this week’s episode of our podcast, “A is for America”, we spoke with Susie Haslett, a policy associate at Fwd.us, who is currently in Phoenix, Arizona working as part of a massive effort to help reunite families separated by the Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. Susie, along with colleagues and partners including our own… Continue »

Today in a column for HuffPost, Juan Escalante, Communications Manager for America’s Voice, details his experience in Arizona this week helping the Flights for Families campaign reunite immigrant families separated by the Trump administration. Escalante tells readers how he and many other volunteers are stepping in to end the senseless devastation inflicted on migrant families… Continue »

Trump Administration’s Cruelty and Ineptitude is Unacceptable According to press reports, 1,442 of 2,551 children taken from their parents by the Trump administration have been reunited as of late yesterday.  Up against a court order to reunite all the children with their parents by yesterday’s deadline, the government reunited 57% of them. Unbelievably, the Trump administration is trying… Continue »

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Holders Face Uncertainty and Family Separation if Program Expires in 2019 Fox 4 news reports that without action from Congress, thousands of Haitian TPS holders will face potential deportation and separation from their children and families after the Trump administration terminated the program.  Thousands of Haitians in the South Florida community… Continue »

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America’s Voice Listen to the “A is for America” Podcast with Susie Haslett of Fwd.us ICYMI: HuffPost, “Inside The Massive Effort To Reunite Immigrant Families (No Thanks To The Government)” Not Reuniting 43% of Separated Children is a Disaster ICYMI: FOX 4, “Democrats blast Trump on Temporary Protected Status for Haitians” English Vox Americans are… Continue »

It’s Time for Thorough Oversight by Congress The Trump administration ripped almost 3,000 children from their parents without any regard for basic principles of family law and policy. Officials have shown a stunning disregard for the best interests of children, documentation of family units, plans for keeping separated parents and children in contact with each… Continue »

A recording of the call is available here. On a press call today immigrant advocates gathered to discuss the  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations measures moving through the Congress, and to connect the funding process to the family separation crisis. Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee approved the 2019 DHS bill in a party line… Continue »

It is now clear that the Trump administration deported 463 parents without the children they arrived with. With the administration under court order to reunite all families separated by the government, it is now imperative that these families be found and returned to the United States under well-established parole authority. This will enable separated families… Continue »

Today, the Trump Administration missed its second deadline to reunite all the families that its “zero tolerance” policy has separated. Almost 1,000 children remain without their parents, and experts are saying that it may be years before they are all back together. To highlight the continued crisis of family separation, advocates in Washington, D.C. today… Continue »

Andrew Scheinthal and Tania Francois of WSVN News Miami tell the story of Haitian Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders Rony and Marjorie Ponthieux in order to shed light on TPS families that could be separated by the program’s expiration. If TPS is allowed to expire for El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Sudan, over 273,000… Continue »