As the nation reels from Trump’s family separation policy, Vox’s Dara Lind cautions that — following Judge Dolly Gee’s Monday ruling — the Trump administration is gearing up to separate families again. As she explains: In some cases, Monday night’s ruling says, the government can force parents to make a choice: stay with their children… Continue »

Countdown to Somalia TPS Decision Deadline: 8 Days In an article for Blavity, Maya J. Boddie writes about the terrifying reality more than 300,000 Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders are facing after the Trump administration ended the program: leaving their 273,000 U.S. citizen children behind when they’re forcibly deported back to their unsafe, unstable home… Continue »

La simpleza con la que el actual gobierno de Estados Unidos suele plantear la “solución” a un fenómeno histórico-social tan complejo como el migratorio conduce a pensar que, en el fondo y en la forma, no lo entiende, ni en definitiva lo acepta. “Que no vengan”, ha dicho llanamente el mandatario en torno a la… Continue »

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America’s Voice Despite Public Outrage, an Executive Order Purportedly Ending Family Separation and Two Court Decisions, the Trump Administration Remains Intent on Mass Family Detention and Separation ICYMI: Trump Administration May Start Separating Families, Again ICYMI: Blavity, “Here’s How The Trump Administration Could Potentially Separate 200,000 U.S. Born Kids From Their Parents By 2020” “…que… Continue »

A woman who was trying to celebrate her 24th birthday at a Chicago park instead found herself being the target of a racist tirade from a man who got menacingly close, even as a nearby police officer failed to intervene. Mia Irizarry was setting up her party when the man started harassing her for wearing… Continue »

Yet Trump administration warns of more family separation and family detention The Trump administration suffered another defeat at the hands of a federal judge, a decision that should pave the way for asylum-seekers and their children to be released into the community, into alternatives to detention projects that have a very high rate of compliance… Continue »

A federal judge has ordered that US immigration agents can no longer separate parents and children caught crossing the border from Mexico illegally and must work to reunite those families that have been split up within 30 days. Dana Sabraw, a district court judge in San Diego, granted the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) a preliminary injunction… Continue »

USA Today is out with a scathing editorial condemning the Trump administration’s cruelty and incompetence with respect to the separation of families, stating that with respect to their speedy reunification, failure is not an option. As the editorial notes: It turns out that the number of separated children is closer to 3,000 than the 2,000… Continue »

Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.

America’s Voice Following Yesterday’s Flores Decision, the Simple Solution is Prosecutorial Discretion and Alternative Forms of Detention Judge orders US to reunite families separated at border within 30 days USA Today: “Family separation combines cruelty, incompetence” English Boston Globe President Trump’s caustic racial comments dovetail with harsh policies By Annie Linskey July 09, 2018 YubaNet… Continue »

Los Angeles police say a 92-year-old man was beaten with a brick during his regular walk around his neighborhood on Independence Day. Rodolfo Rodriguez was reportedly doing his routine walk when he accidentally bumped into a young girl on the sidewalk, The Sacramento Bee reported. That’s when Rodriguez was reportedly attacked by the toddler’s mother on the… Continue »