As the excerpts below remind us, the crisis continues: Miriam Jordan in the New York Times, “A Migrant Boy Rejoins His Mother, but He’s Not the Same”: Before they were separated at the southwest border, Ana Carolina Fernandes’s 5-year-old son loved playing with the yellow, impish Minion characters from... Continue »
The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, regarding today’s Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to reunite families: The Trump administration – in our name, with our taxes, and by our government agents – has been responsible... Continue »
Shutdown talk has nothing to do with policy, it’s nothing more than calculated politics; it unites Republicans, feeds the base and distracts from bread-and-butter issues that favor Democrats Some observers are covering President Trump’s latest threats to shutdown the government over a border wall as a policy issue and... Continue »
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America’s Voice The Moral Travesty that is the Family Separation Crisis is Ongoing Frank Sharry: “Despicable. Un-American. Unacceptable.” Frank Sharry on Trump’s Shutdown Talk: A Political Attempt to Divide and Distract Us Heading Into the Midterms English Associated Press Trump says he has ‘no problem’ shutting down government By... Continue »
Kris Kobach — Kansas’ Secretary of State, Donald Trump’s co-conspirator on voter fraud, and longtime anti-immigrant demagogue — is one of the country’s worst restrictionists. This year, he’s running for Governor of Kansas, and has been making his long history of anti-immigrant politics the centerpiece of his campaign. Most... Continue »
Despite the ongoing efforts of the American people, hundreds of families remain separated and family separations are still continuing. The Trump administration’s incompetence is a big part of this story. As Federal Judge Dana Sabraw observed, “The parents didn’t know where the children were, and the children didn’t know... Continue »
This weekend, Donald Trump issued renewed threats to shut down the government to get his border wall and railed against immigration laws. But, that’s not the immigration issue that’s captured the nation’s attention. Instead, voters across the country are tuning into Trump’s policy of separating children from their parents.... Continue »
According to a court filing last week, the Trump administration claims the parents of 711 children separated under Trump’s family separation policy are “not eligible for reunification” or the children are “not available for discharge.”  These cold, bureaucratic terms gloss over the real reasons why these children remain separated... Continue »
Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.
America’s Voice Kris Kobach’s Latest Crusade: Attacking Undocumented Students for Rising Tuition Costs The Family Separation Crisis Continues: We Must Hold Trump Administration Officials Accountable & Bring Deported Parents Back The GOP’s Immigration Playbook is Becoming a Liability for Candidates in Critical House Battleground Districts The Real Reasons 711... Continue »
Two rookie police officers in New Orleans were fired Wednesday after they allegedly beat up a Latino man and called him a “fake American.” Spencer Sutton and John Galman were arrested and charged with simple battery following the incident that occurred at a bar on Tuesday when the two... Continue »