Today, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated across the nation in #FamiliesBelongTogether rallies that blasted the Trump Administration’s policies of separating migrant children and families. Over 780 events, organized by Families Belong Together, were held in all 50 states and elsewhere around the world. Attendees were asked to wear... Continue »
The latest episode of our podcast, “A is for America”, is set in Brownsville, Texas, where advocates led by the ACLU held a mass rally this week outside of a courthouse where migrants are being prosecuted. (Interviews start at 7:00.) So much continued to happen in immigration news this... Continue »
“Plan would bar people who enter illegally from getting asylum” In a must-read exclusive, Vox’s Dara Lind reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has drafted a regulation that would bar most of those fleeing horrific violence in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala from being recognized as refugees in the... Continue »
Follow @BelongCle Americans are outraged at the fact that our own government is separating families at the border. The photos, videos, and audio recordings that document our own government’s abject cruelty have fueled unprecedented levels of donations from ordinary Americans and inspired more than 700 rallies across the country... Continue »
Yesterday, a federal judge in Chicago, Manish Shah, ruled that the Trump administration should stop making excuses and start reunifying families – in the case at hand, the mother Lydia Souza and her 9-year old son Diego. As the New York Times wrote: Noting in his ruling that there... Continue »
Cleveland “Families Belong Together” Rally Calls on US Government to Respect and Protect Family Unity in All Forms Follow @BelongCle Link: Cleveland, OH – Americans are outraged at the fact that our own government is separating families at the border. The primal pain of separating a parent from... Continue »
Si caótica es la presidencia de Donald Trump, caóticas son sus políticas públicas impuestas sobre la marcha, movidas únicamente por la elección de turno y apostando a que el caos y las cortinas de humo mantengan enceguecida a su fiel base y que se mueva a las urnas en... Continue »
El amor y la dedicación le abrieron el camino hacia su vocación Samantha Ivette Añil nació en Bergen, New Jersey. Su madre, Ivette Añil, emigró a los Estados Unidos desde la República Dominicana a los 23 años de edad. Como todo inmigrante, trabajó muy duro para proveerle  a su hija una... Continue »
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America’s Voice Listen to the “A is for America” Podcast from Brownsville, Texas Dara Lind of Vox on the Trump Administration’s Plan to Gut Asylum Immigrant Youth Leaders & Children’s Health Experts Among Other Dynamic Speakers at Saturday’s “Families Belong Together” Rally in Cleveland As The Trump Administration Drags... Continue »
Si algo ha aprendido el mundo en este momento sobre el Estados Unidos que le ha tocado ver es que sus no pocas contradicciones son siempre rebasadas por la mayor de ellas: el aspecto racial, esencia de la guerra abierta contra los inmigrantes de color que se libra desde... Continue »