Events in nearly 30 cities are registered on In response to the growing number of immigrant children and youth separated from their families and detained in inhumane conditions surviving horrible abuses,thousands of people are expected to rally on Friday, June 1st, as part of the National Day of Action “Families Belong... Continue »
Events in nearly 30 cities are registered on Cleveland, OH – In response to the Trump Administration’s needless and harmful separation of immigrant children from their parents—and the prosecution of parents seeking safety for their children in the United States—Ohioans are rallying on Friday, June 1st, as part of the National... Continue »
The Uncertain Future for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Holders Continues Countdown to TPS Decision Deadline for Yemen and Somalia: 5 Weeks In an emotionally moving piece for the Washington Post, Maria Sacchetti explores the uncertainty that lies ahead for more than 300,000 TPS holders. She follows Guillermo Mendoza, a Salvadoran... Continue »
Parents Separated from Children by Trump’s Family Separation Policy are Asking Questions but Getting No Answers In many courtrooms along the southern border, parents of children taken by DHS are asking questions about the children DHS took from them under the Trump administration’s new family separation policy.  Where is... Continue »
The Trump Administration’s policy of seizing children, including toddlers and infants, and ripping them from the arms of their parents as part of a new “zero tolerance” strategy at the border, is being condemned by thought leaders and ordinary citizens with growing ferocity. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof... Continue »
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America’s Voice ICYMI: Washington Post, “Going Home After Half a Lifetime” Where Is My Child? Who Will Take Care of My Child? Trump is “Gratuitously Embracing Cruelty” English Crooked DONALD TRUMP’S ANTI-IMMIGRANT ARMY By Julissa Arce May 30, 2018 Personal Tech MD Donald Trump Rips Democrats for Tweeting Border... Continue »
Misionera de la humanidad. La semana pasada una noticia acaparó los titulares en todo el país: el gobierno de Estados Unidos ha perdido el rastro de aproximadamente 1,500 niños inmigrantes que han sido separados de sus padres al cruzar la frontera sur. Como a muchos, ese hecho también llamó... Continue »
Trump’s TN Rally for Senate Candidate Blackburn Reminder that GOP Midterm Approach is an Ugly Attempt to Stoke Fear and Divide Americans Led by President Trump, the Republican Party has fully embraced an ugly and divisive brand of politics seeking to stoke fear, sow division, and blame immigrants in... Continue »
DHS Secretary Nielsen claimed that children are not separated from parents when they seek asylum at a legal port of entry, she lied. In an op-ed on CNN today, Maria G. explains her 18-month-old son’s fear and her anguish when DHS forcibly took her child from her.  Maria was... Continue »
Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.
America’s Voice Serie: Lo que realmente somos como inmigrantes GOP Goes All-In on the Trump’s Fear-Mongering ICYMI: A Mom Describes Anguish and Fear When Her 18-Month-Old Son Was Taken From her by DHS for More than Two Months English New York Times Trump Officials, Moving to Break Up Migrant... Continue »