Key Observers Agree: Trump Killed DACA, Torpedoed Solutions and Sounds “Divorced from Reality” Across the nation, key observers are highlighting how and why President Trump’s laughable attempts to blame Democrats for the demise of DACA is falling flat. Moreover, Trump’s decision to end DACA and torpedo every attempt at... Continue »
Minneapolis, MN —Jared Goyette penned a moving, in-depth piece about a Minnesota family facing separation after the Trump Administration announced last week it would terminate Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) for thousands of Liberian immigrants currently protected under the program living in the United States. Magdalene Menyongaro, 48, came to the US from... Continue »
Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.
America’s Voice New from Frank Sharry: “2018 Promises to Be an Epic Battle Between the Populism of “Us vs. Them” and the Pluralism of E Pluribus Unum” David Leopold Responds to DOJ Imposed Quota for Immigration Judges In Cleveland, Congolese Refugees Find “Freedom to Live” FAIL: Trump’s Attempt to... Continue »
A piece in National Catholic Reporter highlights the heartbreaking callousness of the Trump Administration’s March 27th announcement to end Deferred Enforced Departure (DED), a program providing work permits and protection from deportation to thousands of Liberian immigrants who have fled armed conflict and economic uncertainty in Liberia and, in many cases, have lived... Continue »
Austin, TX – In a series of Twitter rants over the weekend, President Trump noted again that a DACA deal will not be happening as he continues to hold DACA-recipients hostage to his anti-immigrant agenda. As noted by Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur today, “A sizable majority of Americans, especially Democrats... Continue »
Two must-read stories out of California and Colorado describe the human and practical consequences of Trump’s mass deportation strategy. The question they ask us to answer is this: do we recognize immigrants’ humanity and shared values, or do we treat them as expendable and disposable objects? This Saturday, the Los... Continue »
The political downside of Trump’s latest anti-immigrant screeds President Trump has been tweeting and trash-talking immigrants in what Greg Sargent of the Washington Post correctly characterized as a “jumble of lies and incoherence.” It’s not too early to ask, however: how will Trump’s war on immigrants and basic decency will play... Continue »
Para Donald J. Trump no hay nada mejor que celebrar la Pascua, la resurrección de Jesús —pilar de la fe cristiana que dice profesar el presidente— redoblando sus ataques contra los inmigrantes y declarar que ya no habrá acuerdo sobre DACA y el futuro de cientos de miles de Dreamers. Este... Continue »
Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.
America’s Voice ICYMI: National Catholic Reporter: “Trump administration orders end to Deferred Enforced Departure for Liberians” Trump’s DACA Rant Could Spell Trouble for Texas Republicans Stories from CA and CO Show How Trump’s Mass Deportation Strategy Undermines American Values Trump’s Nativism is Important to Him and to Ann Coulter,... Continue »