It looks like Donald Trump didn’t avoid another lawsuit after all. In response to Trump’s decision to rescind DACA yesterday, the Attorneys General of 15 states are suing Trump in an attempt to force the Administration to keep the program. The same AGs in July wrote a letter to... Continue »
A los republicanos les decimos: hablar no cuesta nada, la acción es lo que cuenta A los demócratas: actúen ahora; aprobar el Dream Act debe ser su principal prioridad Washington, DC – Hay consenso nacional –a través de todo el espectro político– de que la decisión de Trump para eliminar DACA... Continue »
Last night, immigration attorney David Leopold held a Facebook Live update to answer Dreamers’ questions about what happened with DACA, whether they could renew, whether they should travel with advanced parole in the cases where they have them, and more. The Facebook Live video can be watched below, and... Continue »
Americans rally behind immigrant neighbors in face of Trump's policies.
It’s Now Up to Congress to Pass Critical Legislation Addressing the Status of Dreamers Cleveland, OH – Yesterday,  Donald Trump made a cowardly decision, sending his Attorney General to deliver bad news to 800,000 Americans with DACA – and thousands of other young people who are finally old enough to apply... Continue »
To Republicans We Say: Talk is Cheap, Action is What Matters To Democrats: Act Now; Passing Dream Act Must Be Your Top Priority There is national consensus – from across the political spectrum – that Trump’s decision to end DACA was cruel and wrong, and Congress must pass legislation to fix... Continue »
Congress should respond to overwhelming consensus across the political spectrum in support for Dreamers The fierce blowback to President Trump’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program reflects how this issue has moved beyond a niche policy debate to become a full-fledged cultural and political... Continue »
Ohio is Our Home, We Are Here to Stay; #OHereToStay Cleveland, OH – Yesterday, President Trump took the cruel and outrageous step of rescinding the DACA program that has allowed so many young people to live their lives in peace and contribute to their fullest potentials. At 7pm on September 7, 2017, NE Ohio immigrants and allies... Continue »
Sorpresa, no. En lo absoluto. El presidente Donald J. Trump tomó la decisión que se anticipaba: revocó la Acción Diferida para Quienes Llegaron en la Infancia (DACA). Su oscuro corazón solo le permitió dar un lapso de seis meses para que la revocación se haga efectiva y, presuntamente, ver... Continue »
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America’s Voice Our Message to Congress: Dream Act is Now a Must-Pass Bill Nuestro mensaje al Congreso: el Dream Act es ahora un proyecto de ley que debe ser aprobado National Consensus: American Public, Nation’s Leading Editorial Boards Stand with Dreamers From Toledo to Youngstown and Oberlin to Dayton,... Continue »
New Morning Consult/Politico poll makes case for why Congress should pass stand-alone Dream Act New polling released tonight from Morning Consult and Politico finds that the overwhelming majority of Americans support Dreamers. More than three quarters support the idea of allowing Dreamers to become citizens or to remain as permanent residents. A... Continue »