This morning, the ACLU issued a “travel alert” warning that travelers to Texas could have their constitutional rights violated due to the passage and signing of SB 4, the state’s new anti-immigrant law. SB 4 gives police officers in the state a license to racially profile and discriminate, by... Continue »
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English Daily Kos In ‘act of political cowardice,’ Abbott signs anti-immigrant law in private and without notice By Gabe Ortiz May 08, 2017 Associated Press The Latest: Lawsuits begin over Texas ‘sanctuary city’ law May 09, 2017 Associated Press The Latest: San Antonio police changing immigration policy May 08,... Continue »
Quotes from farmers about immigrants here Last week, Democratic Senators Feinstein (CA), Leahy (VT), Bennet (CO), Hirono (HI), and Harris (CA) introduced the Agricultural Worker Program Act, a new piece of legislation designed to protect farm workers from deportation and put them on a path to citizenship. It’s an... Continue »
Frank Sharry: La SB4 de Texas es “inconcebible, antiestadounidense y, lo más probable, anticonstitucional” Washington, DC — El domingo en la noche, en un acto de cobardía política preparado con el fin de evitar crecientes protestas, el gobernador de Texas, Greg Abbott, convirtió en ley la SB4, el proyecto más... Continue »
Advocates, immigrants, police chiefs, and a federal judge have all weighed in against Texas’ dangerous and discriminatory SB 4 anti-immigrant bill, which was signed into law yesterday. Today, 200 Texas faith leaders have sent a letter to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott condemning him for signing the bill, which will lead to racial profiling... Continue »
Yesterday, Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott signed SB 4 — the state’s “show me your papers” bill — into law, officially putting into the books legislation that will open up half of Texas’ population to racial profiling and discrimination. Advocates, immigrants, faith leaders, and the police chiefs of all... Continue »
Frank Sharry: Texas SB4 law “unconscionable, un-American, and, most likely, unconstitutional” On Sunday night, in an act of political cowardice designed to avoid mounting protests, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas signed into law SB4, the virulently anti-civil rights, anti-immigrant, and anti-public safety bill that includes a provision similar to... Continue »
Media Advisory: Press Call on Texas Anti-Immigrant Bill Texas Advocates, Elected Officials Host Emergency Media Call In Response To Signing Of Texas Anti-Immigrant Bill Speakers to explain how SB4 will hurt immigrant communities and plans to fight the law In response to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s signing of SB4,... Continue »
First of all, our parents who attend games hear the comments from other fans on a regular basis. “Yeah, we are playing a bunch of Mexicans, it should be an easy game.” “Those kids can’t even speak English.” “Wait until Trump sends them all home.” Those are just some... Continue »
Today's must-read top immigration news from around the country.
English Daily Kos In ‘new era of hate in Texas,’ Gov. Greg Abbott to sign racist ‘show me your papers’ law By Gabe Ortiz May 04, 2017 Normangee Star Punishing sanctuary cities: Controversial Texas bill heads to governor’s desk By Madeline Patrick May 05, 2017 Associated Press Texas governor... Continue »