In a new blog post, Gabe Ortiz of America’s Voice Education Fund summarizes the flood of voices from the business, financial, and entertainment worlds who joined the calls from demonstrators on the ground to condemn the Donald Trump Administration’s unconstitutional refugee and Muslim ban. Included in the list are Airbnb co-founder and... Continue »
Our President Should Give us Confidence, Not Create Chaos The scope of President Trump’s radical executive orders issued last week are staggering. One week into his presidency, and Trump already has created a Deportation Force and a blueprint for mass deportation, and implemented a cruel, unconstitutional, and reckless Muslim and refugee... Continue »
A flood of pro-immigrant, pro-refugee, pro-Muslim voices from the business, financial, and entertainment worlds have joined demonstrators on the ground to condemn the Donald Trump Administration’s unconstitutional executive orders, which have resulted in chaos at airports across the US and abroad. Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky: Open doors brings all of... Continue »
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English (en español al final de la página): The Pueblo Chieftan: Hispanics cast key votes in Colorado By Peter Roper Daily Millbury: Protesters rally at McCarran against Trump travel ban on immigrants, refugees Black Star News: Even majority Of Republicans Oppose Trump’s Immigration-Deportation Scheme By Frank Sharry Associated Press:... Continue »
La primera semana de trabajo del presidente Donald J. Trump estuvo plagada de acontecimientos que para su base extremista son un regalo del cielo, y para el resto del país y del mundo muestran un Estados Unidos distinto: el que se aparta de su tradición inmigrante y de ser... Continue »
Bien dice el dicho que el diablo está en los detalles, y aunque el gobierno del presidente Donald J. Trump asegura que, además de construir un muro, su objetivo es deportar a delincuentes indocumentados que suponen una amenaza para la seguridad nacional y la seguridad pública, el alcance de... Continue »
David Leopold gives a brief preview of what we can expect regarding Donald Trump’s executive order this week. David is the past president and past general counsel of the Washington, D.C.-based American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Tonight's Facebook update will review this weekend and take a look at what... Continue »
In addition to quotes from legal experts and refugee advocates below, email to access a recording of the press call New York, NY: On Saturday evening, U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly of the Eastern District of New York issued a temporary nationwide injunction to block the deportation of... Continue »
After a long night of airport protests in New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, protest are planned today in cities from Bangor, Maine to Los Angeles, California. See a list of live stream videos from across the country here. For more information visit Sacramento, Califorina #Muslimban protest at... Continue »
Refugees, Cleveland Clinic Doctor Banished from Lives in Cleveland In a late Friday executive order, President Trump issued a travel ban on all refugees selected to be resettled in the United States, as well as immigrants and other visa-holders from certain Muslim-majority nations. The discriminatory policy was implemented immediately, nationwide, without... Continue »